Monday, July 13, 2015

Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/Rick Montana

This week Gene Jackson is joined by former promoter and pro wrestler Rick Montana. 
Besides being a former wrestler and promoter, Rick is also an actor, author, and film maker. Gene and Rick sit down to discuss Rick's wrestling career as well as the making of the Alabama Outlaws documentary also known as Southern Discomfort and more recently Iron Sheik: The Maim Event.  A lot of great stories of the wrestling business in this one.  You can listen to episode by clicking here!

Click this link to purchase the documentary on

Rick Montana with his Reggie Parks World title belt the day this was recorded

Rick with The Flame (the late Frank Barnhill

The pic referred to during the podcast (sorry about the flash)

Rick with the Iron Sheik

For more info on Rick's books and movies check out

Check out Rick Montana's IMDB page

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