Monday, July 27, 2015

Exclusive interview with NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

1.) "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, what is it like to carry that name in the wrestling business?

"A gentlemen that I have immense respect for is Arnold Skaaland. Of course, there have been many Golden Boys but to hear many talk about him, he is the measuring stick for all that carry this name. We should all pay homage to him in some small way."

2.) Why and how did you get involved in professional wrestling?

"My earliest memories of life are sitting on my grandmother's knee watching professional wrestling. I believe I was put on this earth to be a a wrestler. Like many of us, I had alot of lucky opportunities that broke me into this business. Guys that took a chance on a young kid. Terry Golden, Alvin Minnick, Brian Tramel to name a few."

3.) I can see you have a lot of the "old school" wrestling in your blood, do you think wrestling will ever have the same feel as old school wrestling provided?

"It can because I've seen it first hand. People still want to have that experience, that suspension of disbelief and when great wrestlers are great storytellers and masters of their craft that is exactly what can happen each and every night."

4.) NWA Mid-South has been a main stay for you recently, and also for some of The Empire, I've saw some big things happening there. Could you let the fans know more about whats going on with NWA Mid-South?

"The NWA, as a whole, is something Im very excited about. When I mentioned sitting on my grandmother's knee, I was watching men compete for the ten pounds of gold. My first championship in this business was an NWA championship which is something very special to a "Golden Boy". NWA Mid South is slated to produce over 100 shows in the next year. How many wrestling companies can boast that? It's a place for veteran wrestlers to shine and reinvent themselves and young lions to learn and gain experience. To me, it's everything pro wrestling should aspire to be."

5.) What is it like for someone like you who grew up watching mid-south and southern wrestling to grow up to have the legendary JJ Dillon as a manager?

"Anytime one of your childhood heroes becomes a friend on a first name basis, that's  something special. He is truly a great wrestling mind. If you have that much knowledge at your disposal and you don't take advantage then you should find another profession."

6.) What moment in your career did you decided, "yeah, I made it"?

"There are always going to be bigger mountains to climb and conquer. I'll say I've made it when I do something that changes the business forever."

7.) Who would you say has helped you the most during your career?

"It's never one person. Alvin for giving me a break, Brian Tramel for letting the world know how good I was, Brian Thompson and Bobby Eaton for handpicking me to tag with Bobby for 2 years and Matt Riviera for giving me the largest platform to perform on."

8.) You've been in quite a bit of singles competition recently, is there anything going on with The Empire?

"The Empire is the single most dominant force is wrestling. Even things you don't think we are apart of, we have a hand in. That's what makes us so dangerous and equally successful. You can choose to love us or choose to hate us but choice is an illusion."

9.) What is the next big thing for the golden boy?

"Right now, Im the NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. My goal has always been to be the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. I've challenged for the title and was an eyelash away from realizing my life's dream. Im confident that one day my name will mentioned along with my heroes."

10.) It has been a pleasure to interview you for this article, if you would, please let our fans know your next bookings so we can see where we can catch "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony next?

This Saturday, August 1st I challenge Arrick Andrews for the NWA National Championship in Dyersburg, TN for NWA Mid South.

August 15, Matt Rivera and I defend our Lone Star Tag Team titles in Houston, TX for Lone Star Championship Wrestling.
August 30, Matt Riviera and I make our tag debut for AML Wrestling in Winston-Salem, NC.

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