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Complete results for JCW at the gathering of the juggalos 2015.

If you’re a fan of the JCW and weren’t able to make it to this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos, then we’ve got the results for you including the following nights:

  • Exotic Ladies of Wrestling (Friday, 7/24)
  • Oddball Brawl (Saturday, 7/25)
  • BloodyMania 9 (Sunday, 7/26)

I’m sure that there will be a DVD released of the matches from this year, but if you want to know who came out victorious, Kevin Gill put together a list of matches and results!  You can see them all below:

The 16th annual Gathering Of The Juggalos has come to an end, and with it comes the epic results from three nights of wrestling fwitnessed by thousands of Juggalos at the most talked about music/comedy/wrestling festival on the planet.


JCW Presents Exotic Ladies Of Wrestling!

Friday July 24th, 1am Bell Time

  • Angel Dust defeated Ruby Raze
  • Heidi Lovelace defeated Heather Owens
  • Miss Diss Lexia defeated Tragedy and Amazing Maria in a 3 way
  • Dementia defeated Aja Perrera
  • Jewells Malone defeated Brittany Blake
  • Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Samantha Heights
  • Main Event: Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Lufisto!

Referee: Sparkey Ballard

Ring Announcer: The Rudeboy


JCW Presents Oddball Brawl!

Saturday Night July 25th 1Am Bell Time

  • The Wrestling Bear defeated Matt Classic
  • The Weedman defeated Hyzaya in a Marijuana Mayhem Match!
  • Zach Gowen joined forces with Gregory Iron to defeat the American Viking Party in a handicapped match.
  • Smokey C won the second annual Bloody Rumble by outlasting Elkview Adam, Colton Collins, Deadly Dale, Stryk-9, Marcus Crane, Lance Poindexter, Reuben Steel, Josh Carey, and Larry Lambda
  • Lucha Libre 3 Way Barbed Wire Death Match: Hellspawn defeated Kratoz and Wotan via FIREBALL for the victory!
  • ‘Til Deatmatch do us part! Husband Vs Wife Domestic Death Match: Jewells Malone got the pinfall on husband Jesse Amato!
  • Light Tubes and Broken Glass for that ass, Death Match Main Event: Mosh Pit Mike defeated Matt Tremont, Jeff Cannonball and Ron Mathis in a insanely bloody and violent brawl to end the show!

Ring Announcer:KG Kevin Gill

Refereee’s Drew Taylor, Sparkey Ballard, Jeff Bundy

DJ Clay on the turntables!



Sunday July 26th 1:00 Am Bell Time

  • JCW Training Camps Battle Royal was won by Freak Show!!
  • Warchild Defeated Chris Hero!
  • Matt Stryker defeated Officer Colt Cabana in a first time match up!
  • Ring Rydas defeated Spider Monkey & Super Strong Tiger, The Hooligans, and Madman Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson in a fatality four way elimination match to recapture the JCW Tag Team Championships for the 5th time by pinning The Hooligans!
  • The Rudeboy defeated Southern Tracy Smothers in a wild flag burning brawl that went all over the Gathering! In the end, it was the Rudeboy who stood bloodied AND victorious as he burned the confederate flag of Tracy Smothers following the pinfall.
  • Kongo Kong defeated The Iron Demon Shane Mercer in an insane Tables, Ladders, and Chairs..OH MY! Match that featured Japanese Tables!
  • MDogg-20 Aka Matt Cross Aka Son Of Havoc defeated MVP in a first time ever match up! International Warfare!
  • Main Event: JCW Champion The Weedman defeated Matt Hardy and 2 Tuff Tony to successfully retain his title!!
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