Sunday, June 14, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results for Sat June 13th

    TJ O'Riley and Gaylon Ray have been at each others throats for several weeks. Jay Moore has been leading Gaylon on a sadistic path trying to put TJ out for good.... Tonight they almost did just that. Jay tried to blind TJ with a ball of fire to the face. What came next left the crowd speechless. Gaylon drug TJ to the coffin sitting in the corner of the building, throwing him in. Jay Moore directed him to pour fuel all over the casket. Gaylon then lifted the lid and poured the fuel all over TJ. The two held a flame over TJ demanding that the Biros give them what they wanted. A match with TJ with the stipulation of UCW renamed after Jay Moore if TJ was defeated. The match is set in two weeks

    The MWA Women's Title was on the line, with current Champion, Marie Storm giving Diamond Doll a rematch. Showtime was internet on Marie keeping the belt and pul...led out all stops. Showtime jumped in the ring carrying a stop sign, with the intent on putting Doll down. Showtime blew his opportunity and Doll took her best shot at Showtime, putting him down. Marie came in for a big clothesline, but missed. Doll was able to capitalize on this and took the win. New MWA Women's Champion, Diamond Doll.

    Kyatia defended his US Title against the American Redneck. The Redneck has been chasing the prize for some time now and was in top shape to win. The two battled... knowing what was on the line. Kyatia hit several moves that would put down a lesser competitor. With resilience and heart The American Redneck was able to dig deep and pull out the win. The new US Champion, The American Redneck. The American Redneck was excited about his win and decided to reveal who he truly is, Houston...

    Led to the ring by Brutus, Sexy Sarge was ready to defend the UCW Title against number one contender, Big Red. The match was physical but things changed when Showtime came out to "scout" the talent. Not knowing what Showtime was doing drew concern from both Sarge and Red. The concern grew to distraction. The distraction caused advantage. Showtime jumped up on the ring as Brutus climbed into the ring. Brutus superkicked Big Red while Showtime produced the Quest for Gold Contract. Brutus removed his mask and Joseph Bourne revealed he was cashing in the contract. Joseph delivered a shell shock and went for the pin on Sarge. Sarge kicked out. Sarge raised to his knees only to be hit with a superkick to the jaw. To make certain Sarge was down for good, Joseph added a DDT. Sarge was pinned and Joseph Bourne is now the new UCW Champion.

    The stipulation for the match was Texas Tornado rules. That is exactly what it was like to see the Swag Boys and the Devils Rejects fight. The teams were in and... out of the ring and all things that could be grabbed were used as weapons. Things were flying around the ring as well as out, from steel chairs to stop signs. Nothing was held back. The Swag Boys took a page out of the Rejects tricks locking 187 and 911 in a cage, and handcuffing 666 to the ropes. This left only the Rejects Minion. She was taken out with a frog splash and a well placed kick to the face. The Swag Boys won this fight, but is the war over?

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