Monday, June 1, 2015

UCW Union City, TN. May 30th Results

    Lil Bit made her return to UCW to tag with Sarge Riley facing Joseph Bourne and Marie Storm. Joseph is looking to cash in the "Quest for Gold" opportunity he won and Marie Storm is looking to become a major force in women's wrestling. They felt that it would be their best opportunity to accomplish both goals during tonight's match. Both tried as much as they could but the experience of Sarge and Lil Bit kept them at bay. Sarge and Joseph were escorted from the arena due to their out of control battle outside the ring. This left Marie and LIl Bit to continue and continue they did. Marie used as many dirty tactics as she could get by with. This was until Diamond Doll, who was conducting a special commentary, could take no more of her friend, Lil Bit being taken advantage of. As soon as Diamond Doll hit the ring to complain to the ref, he disqualified Lil Bit for outside interference.

    Big Billy was accompanied to the ring by his sister, Shareena, to face JP Fantastic. JP believes he is what made The Sons of the South the Tag Team of the year,... and that Billy was doing nothing but bringing the team down. The change of attitude has left Billy wondering why? Tonight they battled once again to see who was truly the best. Billy was able to stop JP from attacking Shareena and actually put a beating on him for it. It was Shareena who got the last laugh, when she kicked JP in the place no man wants to be kicked.

    The match was a no DQ first blood match. Whoever was able to draw first blood would be the winner, Gaylon Ray With Jay Moore Vs TJ O'Riley. This match was brutal. Fists to ladders were used to see who would draw first blood. TJ smashed a ladder into Gaylons face busting him wide open, The referee was distracted by Jay Moore and did not see the blood. TJ tried as he could to get the refs attention, but Jay is a master at keeping attention where he wants it. Jay threw Gaylon a steel chain and he blasted TJ with a chain wrapped fist. Gaylon then wiped the blood from his head as TJ lay there bleeding. The referee saw the blood on TJ and declared Gaylon the winner.

    The war between Kyatia and The American Redneck wages on. Kyatia desecrated the US Title with Mexican flag paraphernalia. The American Redneck is more than read...y to take down Kyatia, but with the help of Taco Time and now Jay Moore, it has become even more difficult. Tonight Jay Moore showed his true evil nature and burned The American Redneck with a huge ball of fire. The Redneck was then rolled up by Kyatia for the win. Still US Champion, Kyatia.

    The UCW Tag Titles were on the line. The evilness of the Devils Rejects has been through out UCW for weeks since they regained the UCW Tag Belts. The Swag Boys ...have been building momentum each week since they renewed the team. Tonight one of the Rejects failed to make it to the event. 666 and 187 thought that would save them from a title defense. Mr. Biro however had other plans for them. Since The Rejects have been breaking rules to win, Mr. Biro told 666 he would defend the Belts tonight as a solo competitor. Not that the Swag Boys needed the advantage, but they took full advantage of it. 666 is as tough as they come, but tonight he was just outdone by The Swag Boys. New Tag Team Champions, The Swag Boys, J Weezy and Biscuit.

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