Sunday, June 28, 2015

UCW Flaming Casket, Street Fight, & TLC Results and pics

Showtime came out and told everyone that he was in charge for the evening due to the Biros absence. With that said Gaylon Ray came out and promised that the casket match between he and TJ O'Riley would be unlike any casket match that had ever taken place. He then introduced his partner, Marie Storm. TJ had his own tag partner for the evening, the young, Dangerous Dylan. The match was hard fought, but TJ and Dylan could not overcome the sinister team of Gaylon and Marie. TJ was thrown into the casket by Gaylon. Gaylon held true to his promise, this was no ordinary casket match. Gaylon poured fuel over the casket and lit it on fire. Dylan tried to put it out, but was greeted with a kick to the jaw. Gaylon then lit the casket on fire again. Finally help from the back came out and stopped the fire once again. Winners of the match, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm.

Houston is a fighting Champion and will defend his US Title against all comers. Tonight he faced “The Rock-star” Xander Legend. Xander was accompanied to the ring by long time manager, Showtime. Houston is not one to take things to seriously and started out the match in his usual care free nature. That was until Xander tried to take advantage, and began to break the rules. From choking to punching, to Showtime interfering. Houston took exception to this and with a quick “pump kick” to the jaw, Houston came away with his US Title run in tact.

The SOS was one of the best Tag Teams in the Mid South. JP and BB were multiple time Champions and had the backing of the crowd. JP had the belief that he was the better of the two and felt he needed to prove it in any means necessary. Tonight the two would face off in a Southern Street Fight. No rules except a fight to the finish. The two would battle in and out of the ring. Beating each other not only to win, but to prove who would be the SOS standout. I have never seen anything like it in my time at UCW. The battle spilled outside to the streets of Union City. One unlucky fan would wish they never parked their vehicle in front of the building. Pictures could not do justice to the sheer pain the two men must have felt as they threw one another in to and on to the vehicle. It took a massive powerbomb on the roof of the car for BB to put JP down for the three count. Many fans witnessed one of the hardest fought street battles seen in Union City.

Joseph Bourne faced Big Red in his first UCW Title defense since becoming Champion. Red was ready but was behind the eight ball as Showtime was the special referee. Red may have been at a disadvantage but he was far from being walked over by the cocky Champion. Joseph would put up a good fight, but if it was not for the slow reactions and help from Showtime, Red would be the new UCW Champion. Showtime blasted Red with a steel chair, which seemed not to phase Red. Red turned his attention to Showtime and was caught from behind by Joseph. A quick roll up and an even quicker count by Showtime left Red defeated and Joseph still UCW Champion.

The stipulation Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the UCW Tag Team Titles. The Champions The Swag Boys with Jerry Mount Vs The Devils Rejects. The team that was able to pull down the Tag Belts suspended from the ceiling, would be the UCW Tag Champs. Words like war, battle, devastating could barley describe what these men put forth tonight. Nothing was off limits. Chairs, they used them. Tables, they used those to. Did I mention Ladders, OMG. The match raged on until Jerry Mount clutched his chest, leaving family and friends gasping and worried. Jerry lay motionless in the ring as Weezy and Biscuit tended to him as best they could. The Rejects took this opportunity to climb the Ladder and pull down the Championships. What came next was even more stunning than Jerry Mount laying in the ring. Weezy and Biscuit were hit by Jerry with a low blow, which led to one of the most vicious attacks The Rejects have perpetrated on anyone. What added insult to injury was Jerry Mount was also attacking Weezy and Biscuit. The Rejects had their fill of carnage and left the ring led by Jerry Mount. Weezy distraught from what had just happened, announced his Wrestling career was now over and that as long as his father was in this business he would never compete again.

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