Friday, June 5, 2015

Today in wrestling history

On this day in 1986, Kerry Von Erich was injured in a motorcycle accident. He was wearing no shoes, which did catastrophic damage to his foot on top of dislocating his hip. Eventually, his foot was amputated, but it's not clear when. It was either done immediately after the accident or a short time later when it was publicly claimed the foot was fused into a walking position (which is generally believed to be the more likely scenario) after he re-injured it by trying to come back to the ring too early. He was never the same as a performer, though he was miraculously good for someone working on a prosthetic foot.

This was disastrous for his home promotion, his father's World Class Championship Wrestling. Just weeks earlier, booker Ken Mantell and much of the key non-Von Erich talent had bolted to Bill Watts' UWF, which was invading the Dallas/Fort Worth market. One of the changes Watts made was to change his B-show, Power Pro Wrestling, from recaps and house show matches to completely original shows taped in Fort Worth. It was even positioned as "Texas style" wrestling to TV stations, seemingly positioning the show as a WCCW replacement.

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