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The Ashlynn McClure Memorial 3 Results From June 20th In Byhalia, MS

The Byhalia High School was a hot zone Saturday night for professional wrestling as fans were treated to 11 Big Matches to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital in the name of Ashlynn McClure. 

Ring announcer, Kevin Aldy welcomed everyone and we saluted America with the playing of the national anthem

Ashlynn's father, Russ McClure led us in prayer

Calling all of the action for the evening was Papa Sito and "Strikingly Handsome" Xander Gray donning his fresh, red polo

Kult of Kayfabe members Osby Tomlin, Devan Jacobs and Corey Stinnett came to the ring and called out one half of The Wolves tag-team from TNA Impact Wrestling, Davey Richards.  Davey was quick to respond by coming to the ring and stating that Jacobs and Stinnett looked like two bums in Goodwill suits. Davey attacked Osby, which brought out Anton Leveigh and DJ Stunner to help Osby take out Davey.  However, this handicap battle would not last long as Syn and Tony Kozina would make the save and clear the ring, armed with glow sticks and a broom.  And when their music hit, they rocked out using the glow sticks and broom as guitars.

Opening Match-7 Man Battle Royal-Combatants included "All That" Alan Steel, Bam Bam Bundy, Marko Stunt, Jerry Liles, Chase Jordan with Corey Stinnett in his corner, Hysteria and Adonis Staples managed by Jamar-It came down to Alan Steel and Adonis Staples with Alan Steel eliminating Adonis Staples in the corner.  Your Winner, "All That" Alan Steel!!!

2nd Match-The Returning Naughty By Nature (NXN) Rude & Pokerface vs Bourne Vicious Joseph Bourne & Vic Vicious managed by Rotten Randy-Match highlights included NXN sending Bourne flying with a big back body drop.  Bourne hit a slingshot suplex on Pokerface.  In the end, Rude shoved Bourne into Rotten Randy and knocked out Bourne with the TKO.  Your Winners, Rude & Pokerface, Naughty By Nature!!!

3rd Match-Fatal 4 Way For The TWE Heavyweight Championship-"The All-American Nightmare" Nick Grymes vs Xander Legend vs The B R Brawler vs ATK- ATK came out spraying the crowd with silly string.  Neat sunset flip/headbutt spot during this one with Brawler, Xander and ATK.  The B R Brawler caught Xander Legend with the cutter to get the win.  Your Winner and NEW TWE Heavyweight Champion, The B R Brawler!!!  After the match, The B R Brawler announced that he's the new champion, but he wanted to introduce a couple more champions.  Brawler welcomed Ashlynn's parents, Russ and Heather McClure along with Ashlynn's sister, Kyleigh into the ring.  This was a very important night for The Brawler to be a part of in helping these St. Jude kids stating he can relate to what the McClure family is going through because he had to bury his own son.  B R Brawler let Kyleigh hold up the belt in a heartfelt moment.

Motley Cruz and Big Red made their way to the ring accompanied by Marko Stunt.  Marko Stunt is definitely small in size and stature, but that doesn't stop this youngster from speaking his mind and getting a response out of the audience.  On his way to the ring, an elderly lady in the crowd said she could whoop him.  Very entertaining.  Before Memphis Wrestling Legend, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert came through the curtain for his entrance, Motley Cruz had a few choice words, saying we didn't like your dad or your brother.  Doug Gilbert made his way down to the ring with Pokerface.  Doug was happy to be in Byhalia for such a great cause and said that somebody was going to get hit with his bat tonight. 

4th Match-Motley Cruz & Big Red accompanied by Marko Stunt vs "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert & Pokerface-Motley Cruz and Big Red could not get on the same page as Doug managed to keep outsmarting them.  In the end, Doug kept his promise by blasting Big Red with his signature baseball bat for the victory.  Your Winners, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert & Pokerface!!!

Kevin Aldy announced that the next match would feature two of the most popular stables from the area

5th Match-8 Man Tag-The Jumpsuit Mafia featuring Psycho & Pappy The Asylum and The Hale County Misfits, Chop & Jai Webb vs Labeled Social Deviants a.k.a. LSD, Idol Bane & "The One" Cody Only, Brandon Barbwire & Member of The Revolution, TNA Impact Wrestling's Khoya-Major contrast in height at the beginning with Idol Bane and Pappy led to some laughs with a mismatch stare down.  Then, Pappy decided to challenge Idol to a test of strength, but in order to reach Idol's hands he needed to get a running start....Bad Call.  Once he ran and leaped he came crashing down on Idol's knee for an atomic drop.  Psycho wanted to test Khoya.  After flexing his massive physique, he proved his sheer strength by slamming Psycho twice and clotheslining the big man.  It wasn't long before all eight men were rumbling outside the ring.  Khoya would spike Jai Webb on the canvas with a big sit down spinebuster to get the three count.  Your Winners, Khoya, Brandon Barbwire, Idol Bane & Cody Only, LSD!!!  Following the bell, Khoya, Barbwire, Bane and Only held Trigger hostage, which is Pappy's stuffed horse that's connected to a chain.  Khoya proceeded to unleash some violent chair shots on Pappy's little buddy.  Idol Bane would add insult to injury by wiping his backside with Trigger before tossing it back to Pappy.  A distraught Pappy then managed to find me on his way out and rub Trigger in my face.  Appreciate that. 

Xander Gray brought out Ashley Parker, who is the mother of a patient at St. Jude.  Ashley thanked everyone for coming.  Ashley became friends with Ashlynn's mother, Heather McClure two years ago.  Ashley's daughter, Bailey has been a patient for three years and has had three surgeries in which her care has now reached the three million dollar mark.  Ashley shared that St. Jude also provides money for gas, Kroger gift cards for groceries and housing for the patient's family.  Bailey joined her mom in the ring.  They were also selling Nothing's Cooler Than The Cure t-shirts to raise money for St. Jude.  For more information on how to order a shirt, please click the link.

6th Match-Fatal 4 Way For The Misfit Wrestling Alliance Women's Championship-Champion Diamond Doll vs Diana Taylor vs TNA Knockout Rebel vs Paris Kelly-Referee Mark Allen was the envy of all of us guys on this one being in the ring with all those gorgeous ladies.  Diamond Doll retained her championship by rolling up Paris Kelly.  Your Winner and Still MWA Women's Champion, Diamond Doll!!!  A scary scene happened afterwards with Diana Taylor having to be carried to the back with a neck injury that occurred while she was wrestling Rebel during the match.

7th Match-Triple Threat For The Misfit Wrestling Alliance Tag-Team Championship-From the hit WGN Series Wrestling With Death, Bradley & Lamonte, The LA Hustlers vs The MWA Tag-Team Champions, Brad & Briar Mercury, Lethal Injection vs Suicide & TJ O'Riley-Brad Mercury would sail over the ropes and on top of the LA Hustlers out on the floor.  A few moments later, Suicide would moonsault out of the corner onto the other five men.  Briar Mercury delivered a reverse hurricanrana on Suicide.  Big tower of doom spot during the match.  The LA Hustlers went to the pay window after a big boot, Russian leg sweep double team.  Your Winners and NEW MWA Tag-Team Champions, Bradley & Lamonte, The LA Hustlers!!!  Their celebration would be short lived as Psycho & Pappy The Asylum would storm the ring with their sights set on getting a shot at the new champions in the near future.

"First Class, Second To None, 3rd Generation" Eric Wayne made his way to the ring claiming that his opponent, Juggalo Championship Wrestling's very own, 2 Tuff Tony called in to KO radio and hung up on him. 

8th Match-"3G" Eric Wayne vs 2 Tuff Tony-2 Tuff Tony came to party as he brought two of his favorite Barcardi bottles with him.  Turn down for what!  Tony had some fun holding Eric and letting some kids and even a grandmother take shots at him.  I think one little boy actually kicked him down low.  This wild action spilled all around the gym as Tony placed Eric in a chair beside the wall and then ran into him full speed with a flying body press.  Eric was also thrown into the first three rows and his head was used to ring the bell.  Eric Wayne would go on the offensive thanks to his trusty chain.  Eric dropped Tony with a death valley driver.  Tony would fight back by draping Eric over the ropes and then jumping out of the corner with a Harlem hangover.  After the referee caught Eric with his feet on the ropes during a pinfall attempt this gave 2 Tuff Tony ample time to drench his fist with his Barcardi beverage and then set it on fire with a lighter, punching Eric Wayne with a fireball!  Toasty!  Your Winner, 2 Tuff Tony!!!  Following the match, 2 Tuff Tony got Russ McClure in the ring to celebrate.  Tony said that he lives in Northern Kentucky and left at four o'clock that morning to come to this show because it meant so much to him.  Tony told Russ that he can never walk in your shoes, but I can entertain your shoes off.

9th Match-Ladies Match-Little Bit vs TNA Knockout Angelina Love-It wasn't long before Diamond Doll ran in to interrupt this one, resulting in a no contest.  However, it would not go as she expected because Little Bit and Angelina Love joined forces to send Diamond Doll right back out of the ring.

Semi-Main Event-"King of Darkness" Dell Tucker vs The Leader of The Revolution TNA Impact Wrestling's "Cowboy" James Storm-After being clotheslined out of the ring, Dell Tucker was jawing with the fans and ignored Referee Mark Allen's request to get back in the ring, so James Storm took over.  Storm carried Tucker around ringside throwing him into fans' shoes as they held them up.  Dell Tucker put on James Storm's hat during the match, but that rodeo didn't last long.  Storm delivered his spinning "Eye of the Storm' maneuver.  Dell Tucker would roll off an effective attack with a swinging ddt out of the corner following it up with a springboard clothesline.  Then, Dell Tucker nailed James Storm with a superkick of his own.  Dell's cockiness would prove to be his downfall as he showboated for too long as James Storm hit him with his own "Last Call" superkick for the win.  Your Winner, "Cowboy" James Storm!!!

Main Event-6 Man Tag-The Kult of Kayfabe, Osby Tomlin, Anton Leveigh & DJ Stunner, accompanied by Devan Jacobs & Corey Stinnett vs TNA Impact Wrestling's Davey Richards, Syn & Tony Kozina-The trio of Richards, Syn & Kozina worked together like a well oiled machine as all three punched their opponents in the corner, dove out on the floor and locked in the figure-four leg lock simultaneously.  Syn administered sliced bread #2 on Osby Tomlin and then leaped outside the ring on all the Kult of Kayfabe out on the floor.  Back in the ring, Tony Kozina bounced off the ropes executing a springboard bulldog to DJ Stunner with Davey Richards following it up with the diving double foot stomp off the top-rope to finish him off.  Your Winners, Davey Richards, Tony Kozina & Syn!!! 

Xander Gray ended the show by thanking everyone for coming

This was truly a magical night for a wonderful cause.  It was an honor to be a part of something so special.  Congratulations and Thanks are in order for everyone involved in making it a success.  Jason "The Brain", The McClure Family, Pokerface Events and TWE for all their hard work and dedication in hosting such an important event.  All the workers and fans for donating their skills, time and money.  It paid off BIG TIME because it was announced that Saturday's Ashlynn McClure Memorial 3 raised over $2,500 for St. Jude!  That's what it's all about!  Helping out and making a difference!  GOOD CALLS TO ALL!

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