Sunday, June 14, 2015

Results from the very FIRST Outlaw Wrestling show.

Results from the very FIRST Outlaw Wrestling show. 
It was held in Centralia, Illinois in a hot ass gym, but every fan and worker had a blast from the opening bell to the finish. It seemed to me that not only did every worker on the show work as hard as possible, but they all did it for the better of the show, not themselves. There was a comradery  you don't find at wrestling shows too often anymore. As a student of wrestling it was an incredible experience for learning and couldn't have asked for more. I am very honored to have helped out on the show and look forward to the next one.

Pre Show-  Cousin Gator Defeated Spencer Wallace & Justin D'air
Match 1: The American Viking defeated Slade Rethimeyer
Match 2: Chris Mac defeated Kenny Jones
Match 3: Dustin Starr defeated Paco
Match 4: Ozzie Gallagher defeated Cash Borden
Match 5: Jeff O'Shea defeated Chris Jones
Match 6: The Viking War Party (Frank Wyatt & Jake Parnell) defeated Guns and Beer (Joey Anderson & Duke Cornell)
Match 7: Mikey McFinnigan defeated Davey Vega & Mike Outlaw
Match 8: The Goon Squad (Deadly Dale & Idolbane) defeated The Hooligans to become the first Outlaw Wrestling Tag-Team champions
Match 9: Bull Bronson defeated Zakk Sawyers to become the first Outlaw Champion.

For what pictures I was able to capture click HERE.

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