Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marvel Elite Wrestling's "Takedowns for Treatments" Results from Sunday, June 7th in Southaven, MS-NEXT EVENT BOILING POINT FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH IN MEMPHIS, TN

Brandon Chosen Mayes AKA "Big CA" Carnage Antwane/Antwane Wise and "The Voice" Tommy Jax were the announcers for the evening and welcomed everyone to Sam's Club in Southaven.  They began by introducing the man responsible for making "Takedowns for Treatments" possible "The Memphis Mauler, The Tennessee Brawler, The Full Time Beast, All That" Alan Steel.  Alan Steel thanked everyone for donating their time and money for such a great cause.  On Monday, MEW announced via their official Facebook page that $1,159 was raised for the Children's Miracle Network at the event.  That's awesome!!! 

Tommy Jax also shared information about MEW's next big event, Boiling Point, which takes place on Friday Night, June 19th at 4050 N. Watkins in Memphis, TN

"Takedowns for Treatments" Opening Match-Pokerface vs Danny Dollar
Before the match, Pokerface was walking around ringside trying to take up money saying that he could beat Dollar in two minutes.  Right before the two combatants were ready to lock up they noticed something was missing, a referee.  After a brief pause, announcer Brandon Mayes was about to enter the ring to officiate the match until Referee Will Gibson made his grand entrance.  All he was missing was some theme music.  Once the action got underway, needless to say, Pokerface came up short on his promise of defeating Dollar in two minutes because it was Danny Dollar who secured the victory after catching Pokerface with an RKO outta nowhere as Pokerface flew from the top-rope.  Your Winner, Danny Dollar!!!

2nd Match-Eric Wayne vs D'Mone Solavino
Eric Wayne was making jokes about D'Mone's unique appearance as he wore some great ole big wings to the ring as part of his attire.  Eric asked him if he is the new Birdman for 2015 or a Victoria's Secret model.  Eric also had fun with Referee Q Mack's hi-top fade.  It was D'Mone Solavino that would have the last laugh as he picked up the win with a springboard body press out of the corner.  Your Winner, D'Mone Solavino!!!

3rd Match-"The King of POW" Chris Lexx defeated "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Kage with a school boy roll up after dodging a spear by Bishop.  Your Winner, Chris Lexx!!!

4th Match-Triple Threat Match for the MEW Ultimate Cruiserweight Championship
"The INKcredible" Tatt2 vs Syn vs "The Magnificent" Reno Diamond (Champion)
There were lots of cool, innovative spots during this one by these three great workers.  In the beginning, they had a triple test of strength that resulted in Reno Diamond and Tatt2 collectively known as the team Diamond Ink joining forces against Syn.  Diamond Ink would also bait Syn in for a double back body drop as they were locked up.  However, tensions would begin to rise between teammates when Reno attempted to go for the pin with Tatt2 breaking the count.  This would go back and forth throughout the contest.  Reno caught Tatt2 with a Diamond Cutter.  There was an insane tower of doom move out of the corner with Reno powerbombing Tatt2 who suplexed Syn from the top-rope.  Syn hit sliced bread #2 on Reno.Tatt2 rocked Syn with the 901/662, but Reno interjected by tossing his partner aside and retained his title after delivering a swanton on Syn.  Your Winner and Still MEW Ultimate Cruiserweight Champion, Reno Diamond!!!

Main Event-Derrick King & Johnny Dotson vs Alan Steel & "Superstar" Bill Dundee
This one started as a brawl out in the crowd.  Bill Dundee sent Johnny Dotson for a ride in a shopping cart.  Derrick King was hilarious as always.  Bill Dundee rolled up Johnny Dotson sideways with assistance from Alan Steel for the pin fall.  As an extra bonus, Alan Steel then rocked Derrick King with a superkick.  Your Winners, Alan Steel & "Superstar" Bill Dundee!!!

Johnny Dotson pushed an exhausted Derrick King in the shopping cart to Bill Dundee's custom Mercury supermobile where the wrestlers ended the show by taking photos with the fans. 

MEW is bringing Memphis Wrestling back to tv starting July 4th on Channel 46 at 11am

Don't forget to check out Marvel Elite Wrestling's next big event, Boiling Point, which takes place on Friday Night, June 19th at 4050 N. Watkins in Memphis, TN

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