Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lance Russell speaks

Lance Russell posted the following on his Facebook Tuesday:

"The sad events of the past month, the passing of Dusty, Cora, Tommy and the most recent Buddy Landel, sure bring about the full spectrum of emotions. Our first reaction is one of sadness. Our friends, brothers and sisters in wrestling, have passed and gone home to the creator. Then we move into regret, wishing we could have one more conversation or interaction with them. And we end in happiness, still grieving the loss, but remembering all of the great memories we have shared, memories that will remain with us through out the rest of our lives! Lets all keep these fine friends and their families, in our prayers but be happy, that each touched our lives and we still have the memories that we can share with each other!!! May God Bless each of you, Lance"

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