Wednesday, June 24, 2015


   I would like to thank Mr. Tommy Gilbert for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for Wrestling fans around the world that come to Wrestling News Center to stay up-dated of the happenings of Professional Wrestling. 
Question (1) Mr. Gilbert how did you become interested in Professional Wrestling and who was your favorite wrestler once you did get interested in this sport?
Answer: My dad and two uncles were wrestlers back in the carnival days. As I grew up everyone wanted to know if I planned to do the same and I did.
Question (2) Mr. Gilbert how old were you when you broke into Professional Wrestling?
Answer: 23 years old.
Question (3) Mr. Gilbert who were you trained by?
Answer: I was trained by Al  Spyder Galento,  an Olympic wrestler.
Question(4) Mr. Gilbert what was the first promotion you wrestled for on a regular basis and who was the promoter/booker that gave you that first wrestling break?
Answer: My first promoters were Roy Welch and Nick Gulas. Who ran Gulas Welch Promotions, Nashville TN.
Question (5) Mr. Gilbert how long have you been in Professional Wrestling and can you tell us some of the territories and companies that you have wrestled for?
Answer: I’ve been in Pro Wrestling for 48 years. Amarillo Promotions--- Florida, Atlanta, Memphis, and Nashville just to name a few.
Question(6) Mr. Gilbert what are some of the championships you have held in your long and legendary career?
Answer: Southern Jr. Heavyweight Championship, Southern Tag Team Championship, Mid-America Tag Team Championship with Eddie Marlin, just to name a few.
Question(7) Mr. Gilbert can you tell the fans some of the injuries you have sustained due to being a Professional Wrestling?
Answer: Cracked ribs, torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, broke fingers, and many cuts and bruises.
Question(8) Mr. Gilbert what advice would you give someone who is trying to break into Professional Wrestling?
Answer: Run the other way---hahaha
Question(9) Mr. Gilbert can you tell us which World Heavyweight Championship means more to you, the NWA, AWA, WWE, TNA, ECW, or ROH?
Answer:  The NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Question(10) Mr. Gilbert do you have any regrets about your career in the Professional Wrestling Business?
Answer: No
Question(11) Mr. Gilbert in your career what wrestler do you think you had your best matches with?
Answer: 1. Lou Thesz 2. Dory Funk Jr. 3. Jack Brisco 4. Harley Race. They are the people that I have great respect for.
Question(12) Mr. Gilbert have you ever thought of sitting down with all the Gilbert Family and writing a book on the life and times of one of the most royal and respected families to ever grace the world of Professional Wrestling?
Answer: I have considered it, but never carried through.
Question(13) Mr. Gilbert before we finish this interview are there any parting words you would like to tell our NWA Mid South Wrestling Fans who are reading this interview?
Answer: Wrestling Fans are great, true wrestling fans are the greatest. The ones that attend for the attention and to be seen are not true wrestling fans. When they jump up and down, hollering, looking for a camera to be on, they are not fans. They are attention seekers.
In closing I would like to thank you Mr. Gilbert for answering my questions in this very rare interview. Fans you have just got the insight of the Professional Wrestling career of Wrestling Legend Tommy Gilbert. 



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