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TNA Slammiversary Results

3 Way X Division Championship Match DJ Z vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Things kicked off with a 3 way X Division Title Match between DJ Z, Manik and Tigre Uno in an elimination style matchup, a very fitting start for Slammiversary 13.  Due to the elimination style of the match it benefited two of the contestants to team up against a third which seemed to be the case between DJ Z and Manik for a brief stint before it became every man for himself.  Manik was able to retain control of the match unleashing offenses on both DJ Z and Tigre Uno.  The offense was not long lived with DJ Z takig control and unleashing an impressive offense on both Manik and Tigre Uno prompting many "This is Awesome!" chants from the very hot crowd!  DJ Z was unable to maintain the momentum and allowed an opening for Tigre to com in and pin DJ Z elimitating him.  Manik with the championship in his sites looked to put away Tigre Uno but in the end Tigre Uno pulled out an impressive top rope maneuver and put away Manik with a 3 count for the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion:  Tigre Uno

Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E

Jessie Godderz came out to a new entrance and new look.  Godderz addressed the audience about being stuck with Robbie E for so long.  There was a lot of resentment built up going into this match, so much that it began outside of the ring before the bell was even rang.  The two battled back and forth obviously not leaving anything on the table.  The crowd was obviously behind Robbie E throughout the match and to their delight after a long fought battle, Robbie E was able get the 3 count for a conclusive victory against Mr. Pec-Tacular!

Winner:  Robbie E

Bram vs. "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan Street Fight
These two were sure to put on one of the most brutal matches we've seen in a while.  What started out as a wrestling match turned into all out war with weapons in the form of turnbuckles, trash cans and more steel! Morgan held nothing back and threw everything he had at Bram but to his frustration Bram continued to kick out of everything that was thrown at him.  Though all seemed to be lost after a low blow from Bram led to the victory.
Winner:  Bram
Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries
Winner chooses stipulation of match 5

With so much on the line it's not surprising that this match brought out the most intense aspect of both athletes with not only the high flying and fast pace we've come to expect from these incredible athletes but also an increased in intensity that could even be felt by the crowd.  there was a lot of back and forth with some intense high spots by both men but in the end Aries was able to pull out the 3 count and get the win over Davey Richards allowing him to choose the stipulation for match 5 in the best of 5 series.  Aries took the microphone to address the crowd and pick the stipulation of .. a bra and panties match! He was kidding.. A 30 Minute Iron Man Match!!

Winner: Austin Aries
Stipulation:  30 Minute Iron Man Match

Brooke and Awesome Kong vs. The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse came into this match with the advantage over Brook and Awesome Kong but amazingly it seemed that Brooke and Kong was able to hold their own early on.  However, with the dirty tactics of the Dollhouse favor managed to quickly turn to the Dollhouse as they singled out Brooke to take the majority of the beating.. However finally Kong came in with a vengence! with the combination of Brooke and Kong together they unleashd an offense to put them back on top and allow Brooke to get the 3 count on Jade!

Winner:  Brooke and Awesome Kong

James Storm vs. Magnus
Unsanctioned Match

Words simply cannot do justice to the sheer brutality of this amazing match.  This match went all over the arena from the concessions stands to back stage.  Nothing was off limits, broken tables, guard rails.. nothing sacred, nothing held back.  Even after Magnus went off the top rope through a table on the floor below the match still continued!  In the end in a crazy ending we saw the two competitors hit each other with beer bottles knocking each other to the floor, but since Storm landed on top he managed to pick up the 3 count for the win.

Winner:  James Storm

Mr. Anderson and Lashely vs EC3 and Tyrus
EC3 and Tyrus took part in their typical underhanded tactics throughout this match and actually concentrating their efforts on Mr. Anderson at the start.  They continued with the assualt on both but Lashley and Anderson did manage to come out ahead for a time however it was not enough to protect them from the 1 Percenter, which EC3 gave to Lashley and allowed for him to get the pin on Lashley for the win.
Winner:  EC3 and Tyrus
Jeff Jarrett vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway
King of the Mountain Match
Jeff Jarrett took a minute before he got involved in the match, and when he did he came in with a vengance, however after a bit of celebration he was pinned by Bobby Roode which allowed Roode to attempt to hang the built and also placing Jarrett in the penalty box, and shortly after being placed in the penalty box he ended up back in again but the nobody was able to claim victory by placing him in the penalty box.  Shortly after Jarrett was released, both Roode and Young were pinned and placed in the box by Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy but neither Matt or Drew were able to capitalize... Upon their release, it seemed that Young and Roode had formed an agreement to work together and referencing #TeamCanada in the process! This match saw some amazing moments  including Eric Young giving Jeff Jarrett a piledriver onto a ladder...An extreme moment with Drew Galloway jumping off the top of the penalty cage to a group down below, Matt Hardy performing a twist of fate on Drew off the ladder.. Amazing. Eligibility came and went for each individual.. but in the end... After a back and forth with Eric Young, Jeff Jarrett was victorious and is the new reigning King of the Mountain Champion!
Winner and New King of the Mountain Champion: Jeff Jarrett




Dynamo Pro Wrestling is proud to present a professional wrestling charity event on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. This professional wrestling event will be held at The Sports Academy, located at 101 The Game Drive in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Doors open at 7:00 P.M. with a bell time of 8:00 P.M. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the event. Tickets for children from five to twelve years old are $5. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc., a community organization whose mission is to provide support to anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby. 

Since 2007, Dynamo Pro Wrestling has strived to bring professional wrestling fans of all ages with hard hitting, fast paced, edge of your seat professional wrestling action. Dynamo Pro Wrestling has presented many professional wrestling fundraising events for organizations such as the Collinsville Raiders Football League, the Pittsfield High School Athletic Department, the American Stroke Association, and the Greater St. Louis Multiple Sclerosis Society. This event will feature many Dynamo Pro Wrestling favorites, such as Dynamo Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Mike Outlaw, Dynamo Pro Tag Team Champions “The Black Hand Warriors”, “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, “The Bum Rush Brothers”, “DirdEY” Jake Dirden, Keon Option, Justin D’Air, Ozzie Gallagher, Evan Morris, and Danny Adams. 

Please join us in supporting Dynamo Pro Wrestling in helping to raise money for Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. For additional information on Dynamo Pro Wrestling, you can check out our website at, follow us on Facebook at, and on Twitter at For additional information on the Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc, you can check out their website at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

For additional information regarding this event, please contact:
Jim Yount                           Sarah Lawrenz
Promoter                            Development Director   
Dynamo Pro Wrestling         Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc.
(314) 452-8868                  (636) 947-6164

Rob Mangrum   
Media Relations Director 
Dynamo Pro Wrestling 
(618) 420-0049

Global Force Wrestling Press Release: Nick Aldis Joins Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling issued the following today, June 29, 2015:

Nick Aldis joins Global Force Wrestling

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and UK superstar, Nick Aldis, formerly known as Magnus at TNA Wrestling, has signed on with Global Force Wrestling and will be part of their next GFW Grand Slam Tour live events on July 9 in Wisconsin, July 10 in Pennsylvania, and July 11 in Ohio. He will also be headlining the first ever world television taping on July 24th, in Las Vegas.
"I'm ready to explore opportunities as a free agent that haven't been open to me before. Jeff Jarrett has been instrumental in my career development and I have always respected him as a performer and promoter. As soon as I heard about GFW I knew that one way or another I would play a part. I'm very excited about that.," said Aldis.

GFW Founder and CEO could not be happier that Magnus has decided to join the force. "Nick is one of the brightest stars in professional wrestling today and I could not be more excited to have him front and center promoting GFW. His star power in the UK will help give Global Force Wrestling the brand exposure we are looking for."

Aldis also appeared on the United Kingdom revival of Gladiators, where he was known by the name Oblivion.

"Aldis star power transcends pro wrestling and he is someone that we have had our eye on for months," said Karen Jarrett Co Founder of Global Force Wrestling.

WWE Press Release: John Cena nominated for Sports Humanitarian of the Year and WWE nominated for Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year

WWE issued the following Monday, June 29, 2015:


Inaugural Event Presented by ESPN and PlayStation to Salute Those Using the Power of Sport to Serve Community; Finalists and Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award Winners Announced

The inaugural Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards, presented by ESPN and PlayStation, will celebrate and honor athletes, teams, nonprofits and members of the sports industry for using sport to serve communities and make a positive impact on society, it was announced by John Skipper, President, ESPN. The event, which will take place Tuesday, July 14 at the Conga Room at L.A. Live, will be the first of its kind, bringing together the leagues and sporting community to pay tribute to the collective good of sports.

Multiple sports-related leagues and/or governing bodies — including MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, USOC, USTA, WNBA, WWE and the Women's Sports Foundation — have nominated athletes, teams and community members that are using the power of sports to transform lives and uplift communities. Highlights of the evening will be featured during a 30-minute special on ESPN, July 23 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

During the event, which will be hosted by Laila Ali, winners will be announced from among the finalists for two major award categories — Sports Humanitarian of the Year and Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year. Additionally, the event will celebrate four inaugural "Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award" (ESPN + inspire) winners, recognized for taking risks and using innovation to help the disadvantaged.

"Through their selflessness and compassion, the Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award honorees are improving lives of many around the world," Skipper said. "The awards pay tribute to some incredible individuals and organizations and the extraordinary impact of their efforts on society."

PlayStation is the presenting sponsor of the Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards, which will benefit the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund at The V Foundation — a fund that encourages cutting-edge research for minority populations suffering from cancer.

An independent panel of judges selected the finalists, including, Tracy Hoover, CEO of Points of Light, Sharon Roerty, Senior Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Sab Singh, Founder of Sports Doing Good and professor at Farmingdale State College, and Caryl Stern, CEO of the US Fund for UNICEF.

"Humanitarianism is a central narrative of sport — as athletes aspire towards greatness, their ability to make a mark on society is as important as their athletic accomplishments," said Stern. "The Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards give rise to the increasingly important role that sports can play in society, and how the sports community can work together to build and inspire strong communities."

Below is information on each of the awards:


The Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award is given to an athlete whose continuous, demonstrated leadership has created a positive impact on their community through sports. The honoree will receive a $75,000 grant (and $25,000 grant for each of the three finalists) from ESPN's Corporate Citizenship department to advance the impact of the charity related to the award-winning humanitarian efforts.

Finalists (winner to be announced at awards ceremony July 14):

* Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers (NFL): Inspired by his own humble beginnings, Boldin is a passionate advocate for underprivileged youth and works to help them to overcome their limitations by expanding educational and life opportunities. Through his foundation, he provides a network of support with mentoring and after-school programs, scholarships, and annual summer enrichment programs — all of which are creating tangible impacts in the lives of children in Baltimore, South Florida and San Francisco. Becoming an Oxfam Ambassador on his own accord, Boldin also has testified before Congress to strengthen human rights protections for communities impacted by the oil and mining industries in Africa. In 2014, Boldin and his wife, Dionne, made a $1 million pledge to help youth in need by providing 4-year college scholarships to four deserving high school graduates annually.

* Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever (WNBA): Growing up with a hearing impairment, Catchings was no stranger to being bullied, but she used her disability as inspiration and fuel to do her best in the classroom and on the court. Today, she teaches young girls about embracing their differences, building their self-esteem and overcoming obstacles. Through her Catch the Stars Foundation, she promotes fitness, literacy and mentoring to youth in Indianapolis. Catchings has served on the U.S. Department of State's Council to Empower Women and Girls Through Sports and has supported countless programs in the community through her unwavering volunteer efforts and financial support.

* John Cena (WWE): WWE Superstar John Cena's popular catchphrase "Never Give Up" is also a real-life mantra that he uses to inspire those battling life-threatening illnesses. For more than a decade, Cena has been a force in granting the wishes of children in partnership with Make-A-Wish. As the most requested wish granter of all-time, he has granted nearly 500 wishes for children around the world. Additionally, Cena is also a passionate advocate in the fight against breast cancer, helping to spread the word about the importance of early detection.

* Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers (NHL): As founder of the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation and an ambassador for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, Lundqvist has seized the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children most in need through education and health services. He's touched the lives of thousands of children and families in New York City, the Dominican Republic and Sweden with both personal and financial support. He's also providing a platform to the next generation of community leaders, by selecting a group of young adults to complete community service projects and volunteer work, as part of his Young Ambassadors Program.

The Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year represents a sports team (and their community relations department or foundation) that demonstrates how teamwork between athletes and their team's community relations or foundations can create a significant impact on a community or cause. The winner will receive a $75,000 grant (and $25,000 grant for each of the three finalists) from ESPN to the qualified charity related to the award-winning humanitarian efforts.

Finalists (winners to be announced at awards ceremony July 14):

* Chicago Bulls (NBA): The Chicago Bulls' work in the community is a collaborative effort among the team's players, fans, corporate partners, community partners, and front office staff. Community is a fundamental part of the team's business operations and the Bulls feel a responsibility to give back to the city and people who give so much to them. Last year, the Bulls organized over 100 community events focused on youth education, health and wellness, violence prevention, and the military with more than 30,000 people impacted. The team's Season of Giving alone, reached 16,000 people in the Chicago community, with 1,000 gifts and 2,200 meals provided to families in need. Additionally, the Bulls distributed $2.5 million in cash and in-kind donations in support of local organizations.
Portland Timbers (MLS): Stand Together, the club's community outreach platform, harnesses the power of sport to improve the lives of children and families in the Portland metro area through targeted programs, deep partnerships and philanthropic giving. Stand Together focuses on youth activity, education and the environment, with an emphasis on cultural diversity and access for all to play. Since the club's inaugural MLS season in 2011, the Timbers have given more than $2.4 million in cash and in-kind donations, including their philanthropic work through the Portland Timbers Community Fund, the club's field-grants program, and various experiential and charitable activities. The club's signature Stand Together Week annually benefits 30+ different nonprofits throughout the greater Portland metro area. Since 2012, Stand Together Week has generated over 7,000 volunteer hours by 2,000 volunteers on more than 100 projects.

* San Francisco 49ers (NFL): At the heart of the 49ers philanthropic efforts is their deep commitment to the San Francisco 49ers Academy, a middle school for low-income students in the highly challenged city of East Palo Alto. The team has supported the Academy from top to bottom with grants; player, alumni, ownership and staff involvement; mentorships; and facility enhancement. Inclusive of the contributions to the 49ers Academy, since 1992, the Foundation has donated $30.6 million to support nonprofits, contributing $4.6 million in 2014, including a $1 million grant to launch the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute to enable motivated and talented young scholars to reach their full potential.

* WWE Community Relations: WWE leverages the power of its brand and platforms to help address important social issues worldwide, and through its partnerships, they support programs and initiatives that positively impact children and families around the world. WWE has granted more than 6,000 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions through Make-A-Wish, and launched an anti-bullying program, Be a STAR, to encourage young people to treat each other with tolerance and respect through education and grassroots initiatives. More than 100,000 kids from all 50 U.S. states and 100 countries have taken the pledge to end bullying through the program. WWE is also a strong advocate for athletes with intellectual disabilities and breast cancer awareness through their work with Special Olympics and Susan G. Komen respectively, and they are staunch supporters of the U.S. military through their annual Tribute to the Troops celebration and partnership with Hire Heroes USA to help returning vets transition to the civilian workforce.


In honor of former ESPN commentator Stuart Scott's indomitable spirit, the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award (ESPN + inspire) celebrates and honors any organization or person who has used the power of sport by taking risk and using an innovative approach to aid the disadvantaged, save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity. The honorees will each receive a $25,000 grant from ESPN to the qualified charity related to the award-winning humanitarian efforts.

Honorees (to be recognized at awards ceremony July 14):

* "Like A Girl" Campaign: Always, the world's leading feminine care brand, launched a social experiment to address the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty and change the negative perception of the phrase "like a girl" into one that means downright amazing things. Through a viral video that later aired as a Super Bowl commercial, the Always #LikeAGirl campaign challenged girls, boys, women and men worldwide to change the way they think about and use phrases like "throw like a girl" and "run like girl" which proved to have a profound impact. Prior to viewing the film, only 19% of girls had a positive association toward the phrase "like a girl." After watching the video, 76% of girls ages 16-24 no longer see the phrase as an insult, and two out of three men who watched said they would stop or think twice before using "like a girl" as an insult.

* MLB Commissioner Emeritus Allan H. (Bud) and Suzanne L. (Sue) Selig: Bud and Sue Selig have helped transform how leagues and sport gives back. At the urging of the Seligs, MLB granted the $10 million founding donation that launched Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) in 2008. Since then, the Seligs have helped raise tens of millions of dollars for groundbreaking cancer research through SU2C's Innovative Research Grant, the first of which was named in their honor, and they are responsible for MLB's continued support for cancer research. The Seligs also paved the way for professional sports to become more sustainable, with Bud being called "the single most influential environmental advocate in the history of sports" by the Green Sports Alliance. Under his watch, MLB was the first league to distribute environmental advice and measurement tools to all stadium operators. It was the first league to use public service announcements to educate fans about environmental stewardship and to green its All-Star Game and league championships. Selig received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which aids academically distinguished minority students, and the Chairman's Award from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Selig is a major supporter of his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as Marquette University.

* Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll: Pete Carroll is committed to helping people be the best they can be on and off the field. Carroll works to identify what is unique about each person, understand and help them create a vision for what they want to be and then keep them connected to that vision. It is in this approach that has led to life-changing impact. Coach Carroll incorporated this philosophy to help transform communities and make them better places to live through his violence prevention efforts via A Better LA and A Better Seattle. He was instrumental to bring Free The Children's We Act & We Day to the U.S. and Seattle in 2013. Annually, students earn their tickets to We Day by completing one local and one global action on any issue of their choice. This program is unique because it provides youth from all types of backgrounds a platform to become agents of change and leaders regardless of their circumstances.

* You Can Play: The You Can Play Project is working to change the sometimes homophobic culture of locker rooms and sports venues with a message that athletes should be judged on athletic skill and ability, not sexual orientation or other discriminatory factors. Inspired by the late Brendan Burke, an openly gay hockey player at Miami University and son of Calgary Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke, the organization is spreading a message of tolerance, inclusion and equality. Today, You Can Play has been represented in video messages by athletes from every professional sports league in North America, all saying they would support a gay teammate who would contribute to a team's success.

ESPN Corporate Citizenship
ESPN believes that, at its very best, sports uplifts the human spirit. Its corporate citizenship programs use power of sport to positively address society's most pressing needs through strategic community investments, cause marketing programs, collaboration with sports organizations and employee volunteerism, while also utilizing its diverse media assets. For more information go to

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NWA launching online video service with complete Paul Boesch Houston wrestling library

On Thursday, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) announced they are jumping into the on-demand video ocean, launching a cost-effective service on July 4th that will feature classic matches from the promotion's history.

Here's the details:
- The service will be called NWA Classics 24/7 and will launch on Saturday, July 4th. will launch next week.

You can read the rest of the article for all details and a list of the first 50 matches to be made available at this link:

Kurt Angle to have neck surgery

During the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings on Saturday night in Orlando, Kurt Angle revealed to the live audience that he has been diagnosed with a tumor in his neck and will be requiring surgery in a segment set to air in early August on Destination America.

Mike Johnson reports that Angle had been aware of the tumor for around a year and was beginning to cause him issues including muscle atrophy. Angle did wrestle at the Impact Wrestling tapings on Thursday and Friday. He's not booked for Slammiversary.

Source: via

Numerous talents finishing up or already finished with TNA

Bob Ryder of TNA Wrestling took to Twitter this afternoon disputing a report by Dave Meltzer that the contracts of both Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong were expiring this weekend and that both would be finishing up at the Slammiversary PPV tonight.

Ryder, in a tweet to The Wrestling Observer stated, "Neither of their contracts are up for several months.  Amazed you would report something so totally wrong."

He then responded in another tweet adding, "This shows how little credibility he should have.  He has never been more wrong on anything he has ever 'reported.'"

Source: @brydertna via

UPDATE (2:58 p.m. ET): TNA official Bob Ryder took to Twitter moments ago disputing the report by Dave Meltzer that the contracts of Taryn Terell and Awesome Kong were expiring. Ryder said neither contracts are up for "several months."

The TNA contracts of both Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong expire as of this weekend and both are scheduled to finish up with the company at tonight's Slammiversary PPV.

For those keeping track the last week, James Storm, Magnus, Austin Aries, Gunner, Low-Ki, Sam Shaw have all finished up or will finish up with TNA at Slammiversary tonight.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online via

TNA Knockouts Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong both took to Twitter to deny a report by Dave Meltzer today that both had deals expiring with the company as of this weekend.

Awesome Kong: "Contrary to rumors, @IMPACTWRESTLING  and I will ring in the new year together & I'll 'deck the halls' of anyone who says otherwise #staying"

Taryn Terrell: "Stop making up rumors Internet! I just started playing!! I'm not going ANYWHERE!! #thedollhouse"

The original report has been since corrected after TNA official Bob Ryder publicly denied it.

Source: @TheTarynTerrell, @MeanQueenK

This day (June 28) in wrestling history

Check out this excellent article!

UCW Flaming Casket, Street Fight, & TLC Results and pics

Showtime came out and told everyone that he was in charge for the evening due to the Biros absence. With that said Gaylon Ray came out and promised that the casket match between he and TJ O'Riley would be unlike any casket match that had ever taken place. He then introduced his partner, Marie Storm. TJ had his own tag partner for the evening, the young, Dangerous Dylan. The match was hard fought, but TJ and Dylan could not overcome the sinister team of Gaylon and Marie. TJ was thrown into the casket by Gaylon. Gaylon held true to his promise, this was no ordinary casket match. Gaylon poured fuel over the casket and lit it on fire. Dylan tried to put it out, but was greeted with a kick to the jaw. Gaylon then lit the casket on fire again. Finally help from the back came out and stopped the fire once again. Winners of the match, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm.

Houston is a fighting Champion and will defend his US Title against all comers. Tonight he faced “The Rock-star” Xander Legend. Xander was accompanied to the ring by long time manager, Showtime. Houston is not one to take things to seriously and started out the match in his usual care free nature. That was until Xander tried to take advantage, and began to break the rules. From choking to punching, to Showtime interfering. Houston took exception to this and with a quick “pump kick” to the jaw, Houston came away with his US Title run in tact.

The SOS was one of the best Tag Teams in the Mid South. JP and BB were multiple time Champions and had the backing of the crowd. JP had the belief that he was the better of the two and felt he needed to prove it in any means necessary. Tonight the two would face off in a Southern Street Fight. No rules except a fight to the finish. The two would battle in and out of the ring. Beating each other not only to win, but to prove who would be the SOS standout. I have never seen anything like it in my time at UCW. The battle spilled outside to the streets of Union City. One unlucky fan would wish they never parked their vehicle in front of the building. Pictures could not do justice to the sheer pain the two men must have felt as they threw one another in to and on to the vehicle. It took a massive powerbomb on the roof of the car for BB to put JP down for the three count. Many fans witnessed one of the hardest fought street battles seen in Union City.

Joseph Bourne faced Big Red in his first UCW Title defense since becoming Champion. Red was ready but was behind the eight ball as Showtime was the special referee. Red may have been at a disadvantage but he was far from being walked over by the cocky Champion. Joseph would put up a good fight, but if it was not for the slow reactions and help from Showtime, Red would be the new UCW Champion. Showtime blasted Red with a steel chair, which seemed not to phase Red. Red turned his attention to Showtime and was caught from behind by Joseph. A quick roll up and an even quicker count by Showtime left Red defeated and Joseph still UCW Champion.

The stipulation Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the UCW Tag Team Titles. The Champions The Swag Boys with Jerry Mount Vs The Devils Rejects. The team that was able to pull down the Tag Belts suspended from the ceiling, would be the UCW Tag Champs. Words like war, battle, devastating could barley describe what these men put forth tonight. Nothing was off limits. Chairs, they used them. Tables, they used those to. Did I mention Ladders, OMG. The match raged on until Jerry Mount clutched his chest, leaving family and friends gasping and worried. Jerry lay motionless in the ring as Weezy and Biscuit tended to him as best they could. The Rejects took this opportunity to climb the Ladder and pull down the Championships. What came next was even more stunning than Jerry Mount laying in the ring. Weezy and Biscuit were hit by Jerry with a low blow, which led to one of the most vicious attacks The Rejects have perpetrated on anyone. What added insult to injury was Jerry Mount was also attacking Weezy and Biscuit. The Rejects had their fill of carnage and left the ring led by Jerry Mount. Weezy distraught from what had just happened, announced his Wrestling career was now over and that as long as his father was in this business he would never compete again.