Sunday, May 17, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Sat Night May 16th Results

Jospeh Bourne has delved into a pit of self pity, believing he is being over looked by UCW and Sexy Sarge. Joesph took a partner in Marie Storm to face Oshawn and Diamond Doll believing this would be a way to prove his worth as an opponent. While engaged in battle Joseph's attitude changed from what fans have grown to love, into a arrogant self serving manor. Diamond Doll and Oshawn worked well together but were cheated out of their victory by Joseph spraying Doll in the eyes with the hairspray Marie carried to the ring. Winners of the match, Joseph and Marie.

Last week JP made a choice that floored all in attendance. He turned his back on long time friend and partner, Big Billy. That turn struck a match that lit a fuse in Billy. JP calls himself, Fantastic, and now with the addition of Showtime, he intends to prove that name. The two faced off tonight, not in a match, but in a brawl. Even with the help of Showtime, JP did have enough to beat Billy. Showtime tried to hit Billy with the WNC Tag Team Award, but Billy was able to duck. Showtime bashed JP and Billy rolled him up for a win.

Kyatia was originally set to face Sarge for the UCW Title. Sarge however was not cleared by the Dr. for a concussion he sustained in his battle with NRG. Kyatia was not without an opponent as the Biros and Sarge announced a newcomer to UCW, The American Redneck. This writer can not put his finger on why the American Redneck is so familiar, as he has never competed in UCW, but boy did this guy win over the fans. Kyatia and Taco Time were not so won over. They threw a fit over who they believe The American Redneck is. The Biros made it clear, until they can prove who, The American Redneck is he is free to compete in UCW, and compete is what he did tonight with a decisive victory over Kyatia.

Showtime allowed TJ to face Gaylon Ray in a special challenge, to get TJ back on track in the UCW Title picture. Gaylon was not about to go down easy and was able to keep TJ at bay no matter what TJ tried. Offered a chain, many times by Showtime, TJ wanted to get the win his way. When he realized that a quick advantage was his best choice, TJ took the chain from Showtime. TJ tried to blast Gaylon with the chain but was stopped and Gaylon took the chain for his own use. What came next was a surprise, Showtime assisted Gaylon by tripping TJ allowing for Gaylon to Superkick TJ for the win. To add insult to injury, Gaylon bashed TJ with a kendo stick to the head, leaving him lying in the ring. Showtime and Gaylon at this time attacked TJ together, only to be stopped by TJ's Dad, Sexy Sarge. After a brief discussion, TJ apologized to the fans for his actions and left with their approval.

NRG, Anton Leveigh and Ricky Andrews with Jay Moore were set to face the Swag Boys, J Weezy and Biscuit. Ricky Andrews was unable to make the event so the match was changed to Jay Moore taking his place. This was not without Jay Moore complaining. He had to be forced by the Biros to compete. Biscuit and Weezy were more than happy to get a chance to get their hands of Jay as well as Anton. Anton took up the slack for his team and fought with relentlessness. The Swag boys were on their game and wre able to take the win after a miscue by Anton. Anton was trying to kick Biscuit but instead kicked Jay in the face. Weezy then hit Jay with a "Code Breaker" for good measure for the win. Anton and Jay left the ring addled and asking the question, "What just happened?"

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