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The Axeman Speaks 5-6-2014

The photo above is my granddaughter, Ella, along with her cat Max. Isn't she beautiful?

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine and mine alone. However, everyone should always agree with me, because I am the quintessential example of wrestling knowledge and expertise! (Does that bring back memories? lol...)

Greetings Axmaniacs! I have promised to write a column before I leave North Mississippi, but I am going to have to break that promise. I have so much to say that I will have to write two columns. So this is the first of two.

This column will be all about answering emails. Actually, I will answer one email that contained a whole bunch of questions. The email is from Nicole Fowler, you know, the Nicole Fowler who used to write and ask me who I think is the top 5 or 10 in a whole bunch of categories. I have not heard from Nicole for several years, but like I used to tell her, I always say I will not attempt to list the top or best, but will list 5 or 10 of the top or best. You know the drill....

Nicole's first question (and I like this question): Axeman, I would like to know, if you could book your dream all ladies card, who are 10 of the ladies you would choose?

OK, this one is easy. Brandi Wine, Malia Hosaka, Lil Bit, Amber O'neal, Crazy Mary Dobson, Su Yung, Barbie Hayden, Melanie Cruise, Great Cheyenne, Aida Marie, and Mackenzie York. Oh wait, I have been told that Crazy Mary Dobson is now in WWE training at NXT, so I guess it would have to be Million Dollar Baby. Oh, and I could not possibly leave Nikki Lane off the card. Oh, and I would have to have Mary Elizabeth Monroe on the card. I am sure there are others, but if I had these ladies on my card I would be more than pleased. I know that's more than 10, but these are who I would want. Oh wait, Gotta include Claudia Del Solis on that card!

Next question: Who do you think the five most beautiful WWE Divas are who are NOT involved in WWE any longer are?

Five of the most beautiful ex-WWE Divas are: AJ Lee, Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim. Oh, but we can't leave Madusa off the list. Oh, and there is Molly Holly. So, since this is my column, there are seven of the most beautiful.

Next question: There was a tag team around the area several years ago, two guys who are midgets, I think they called themselves Little Guy Corporation or something like that. Do you know whatever happened to them and if they will ever be back in wrestling in this area?

The team was called Little Guys, Incorporated. I have to be honest, I have no idea where they went or what they are doing now. If anyone knows, please email me or leave a comment at the end of this column. I am curious myself.

I have been told Jerry Lynn won referee of the year. Didn't he win it once before?

No. Jerry Lynn has never won referee of the year. However, Joey Lynn did. He is the only referee to win the award two years in a row, having won in 2013 and 2014. Also, in answer to another of your questions, Joey is in my opinion the best referee in this area. Turtle is a close second.

Next question: Please list all the promotions you have announced for.

I can't. I will try, but I know I will leave some out. Let's see, there was MUWA, TFW, All Pro, DWA, MCWA, JWS, XOW, XWO, OWO, CWA, MLW, IWF (once), DSW, there was one group in Tennessee and one group over in Alabama whose names I cannot remember. I won't list the groups in Oklahoma and Texas I announced for years ago. They are all defunct anyway. Oh, I left out SGWA. Oh, and there was UCW. And years ago there was ASWF back when Aaron Polston was running it. I am sure I left some out.

Next question: Who were your favorite announce partners over the years?

The Mayor Oscar Barlow, Kimble Winstead, Al Hall, Big Dave, Nathan Lee, Gene Jackson, Mama Denise.

What are some of your biggest disappointments in wrestling?

Oh my... TNA, Lacey Von Erich, the demise of TFW, LeeLee quitting wrestling, the demise of DWA, and the demise of DCW.

Next question: You have gotten to rub elbows with a number of wrestling legends over the years. Who are some of them?

Yes, I have been fortunate to have met a number of stars, including Doug Gilbert, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Dusty Rhodes, Mick Foley, Jimmy Valiant, Downtown Bruno, Big Daddy V, Bobby Eaton, Buff Bagwell, Kamala, Don Bass, Molly Holly, Dutch Mantell, Jackie Fargo, and Paul Bearer, just to name a few.

Next question: If you could choose any two female wrestlers to team up and make a tag team out of, who would you choose?

I would choose Aida Marie and Little Bit, and I would call them "The Small Package."

Last question: What are some of your favorite tag teams over the years?

OK let's see... Pure Destruction, The Asylum (Psycho & Wraith), HGH, The Elite, Legion of Doom, Dungeon of Pain, Family of Pain, and The Pink Flamingos.

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