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ProSouth Wrestling May 8th Results from Piedmont, Alabama


The Jump Around Gang won 7 team gauntlet match to win the ProSouth Tag Titles

All Out Champion Tyler Gage beat Amy Haven by DQ

Big Tomb defeated "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer w/The Koz in a Dog Collar Match

Scott Aries defeated ProSouth Champion Dameon Ceratone by DQ

IWGP Champion AJ Styles pinned Jimmy Rave in the Main Event 

The much anticipated ProSouth show featuring IWGP Champion A.J. Styles vs. Jimmy Rave took place on Friday night in Piedmont, Alabama and it was a standing room only crowd as all the chairs and bleachers sold out and there were literally people having to stand to get to see the show.  

Opening match was a 7 team Gauntlet to crown new ProSouth Tag Team Champions

Team #1- Mr. O'Hagan & Mr. K
Team # 2- The Solution - Savin Roberts & Dakota Outlaw

Solution eliminated O'Hagan & Mr. K which brought out:

Team #3 - James Hardy & Victoria

Hardy & Victoria managed to defeat the Solution which brought out:

Team #4- The Super Soldiers

The Solidiers knocked off Hardy & Victoria to bring out:

Team #5- The Jump Around Gang - Donnie PrimeTime & Chris McCain

J.A.G. beat the Soldiers which brought out:

Team #6- Charles Zanders & Trevor Aeon 

After a hard fought battle the Gang put down Zanders and Aeon which brought out the final team

Team #7- Britt Jackson & Jed Johnson - The Jackson Family

Back and forth action that looked like it could go either way until Britt and Jed got side tracked arguing with each other  which allowed J.A.G. game to capitalize and capture the ProSouth Tag Team Titles once again!

Jump Around Gang celebrate with the belts

The second match was an All Out Title match as the "Future Classic" Tyler Gage put himself in a match with Amy Haven.  The back story here is that a few weeks back Tyler Gage turned on his friend and partner Ace Haven in a match that gained the Commissioner Stupid and Champion Dameon Ceratone total control of ProSouth.  Gage's first act was to fire Ace Haven and make Amy Haven HIS manager.  Needless to say that hasn't been going well so tonight he booked the lone Haven of ProSouth into a title match she didn't want.

Despite not being an actual wrestler and being reluctant to be in the match in the first place...Amy has the full support of the over 200 fans in attendance and actually managed to get the better of the champion Tyler Gage for a bit until he finally nailed her with a brutal boot to the face.....which prompted a masked fan to run in from the audience and attack Gage...however the mask soon came off and it was no fan at was Ace Haven....He nailed Gage with a brutal kick to the head of his own which brought out Commissioner Stupid who told Ace Haven he had no business being there and that told him that he would not rehire him to ProSouth....he then ordered security to remove Ace Haven from the building which they promptly did.  

Tyler Gage retains his ProSouth All Out Title by DQ

Tyler Gage vs. Amy Haven for the All Out Title

Gene Jackson then came out and said he has returned to see his good friend "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer take out Big Tomb in Sawyer's specialty match....a Dog Collar Match!  Jackson then left ringside as Sawyer was accompanied by his GCW manager The Koz.  Big Tomb was fired up and looking for revenge for the brutal attack with the chain a few weeks prior.  The big man battled it out with the advantage going back and forth until Tomb appeared to have Sawyer in serious trouble....The Koz got on the apron to complain to the Referee and Gene Jackson returned from to ringside and climbed up on the apron, Tomb went to take out Jackson who had plans to once again throw powder in the eyes of Tomb like he did against Shane Daniels recently.....however this time Tomb was ready and moved out of the way causing Jackson to throw powder directly into the eyes of the Mad Dog!!  Tomb was able to capitalize and get the victory over Sawyer to the delight of everyone in the crowd.  Tomb then grabbed the microphone and declared "Gene Jackson, you're next!!"   Moments later Britt Jackson and Jed Johnson hit the ring and attacked Tomb but he was fighting them off til "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer hit him from behind with the chain....Koz, Britt, Jed, and eventually Gene Jackson joined in to make it a five on one attack.....Sawyer held up Tomb and Jackson took the mic and announced, "Sorry Tomb, but it looks like YOU'RE NEXT!" and nailed him in the face with his cane....the victorious Big Tomb was left laying face down in the ring by The Jackson Family, Dan Sawyer and the Koz.

Dog Collar Match- Sawyer vs. Tomb

The Jackson Family leave Tomb laying after his win

After months away from ProSouth the short lived former champion Scott Aries got his long awaited rematch against reigning ProSouth Champion Dameon Ceratone.  This match was everything that was expected as two of ProSouth's most talented wrestlers laid it all on the line the championship.  Aries was impressive after a long sabbatical from wrestling but Ceratone showed why he's the champion by having a counter for most everything Aries through at one point a stray superkick took down the referee.....Ceratone grabs his title belt and prepared to knock out Aries with it when much to everyone's surprise Commissioner Stupid came out and grabbed the belt away from Ceratone....this prompted an argument between to two which allows Aries to get up and charge in for spear which was sidestepped but the champ causing Aries to once again take out the Commissioner with the spear......eventually Aries took down Ceratone and seemingly had the match one but there was no referee to count.....finally a 2nd ref came in but it was too late Ceratone had recovered.....enough in fact to blatantly low blow Aries right in front of the referee for the Aries the victory....but NOT the championship.

After the title match AJ Styles and Dameon had a staredown in the back..future challenger perhaps???

After an already amazing show came the MAIN EVENT....two guys who have wrestled each other all over the world and now 10 years since their last singles encounter they would face off right here in Piedmont, Alabama.  The holder of what many feel is the most prestigious title in the world today the IWGP Champion AJ Styles taking on his longtime rival Jimmy Rave. If anyone thought this was gonna be a toned down "house show" version of AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Rave they soon found out they were sadly mistaken.....this match was intense and it was the exact same caliber of match you've seen Styles have on New Japan pro wrestling pay per views and for years on TNA....Jimmy Rave is one of the best wrestlers in the world today and why he isn't wrestling for a major company is mind boggling.....this two tore the house down and gave the fans more than their money's worth.  They unloaded everything in each other's arsenal against one another until Styles reversed a frankensteiner from Rave off the 2nd rope into a STYLES CLASH FROM THE SECOND ROPE....getting him the 1-2-3!  An awesome finish to an awesome match...both guys got a standing ovation both from the crowd and all the wrestlers in the dressing room who all stayed to watch this match on the monitor.

Afterwards Styles took the microphone and thanked the fans and praised ProSouth for being a place where "guys like AJ Styles are born"....a very cool thing for Styles to do to put over the show as much he did and he then proceeded to go around the ring and shake hands with all the fans and then stayed and took pictures with everyone til all the fans had gotten a chance to meet him.  An amazing night for ProSouth and one the wrestlers and the fans will not soon forget.

Styles vs. Rave delivered on every level
Styles praises ProSouth and it's fans after his match

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