Friday, May 15, 2015

UCW Sat May 9th ECW Rules results

    Many in UCW want a chance at the UCW Gold. The Battle Royal winner will get that chance, when they and where they want it. There was nothing but a brawl, with everyone involved doing everything they could to win. Only one would stand in the ring at the end. That person was Joseph Bourne.

    The MWA Title was up for grabs and two of the best were about to see who would walk out Champion. Champion Austin Lane, challenger Chris Rocker. Hold for hold punch for punch the two men battled. Austin tried to take advantage and use a chain, but Rocker overcame and turned the tables on Austin hitting a big frog splash getting the pin. Austin began to complain saying Rocker had a chain. The referee checked and found a chain in Rockers tights, placed there by Austin. The referee restarted the match and using a chain, Austin knocked Rocker senseless. Austin Lane retains the MWA Title.

    The UCW Tag Titles were held up weeks ago, and tonight new champions would be crowned. The SOS faced The Devils Rejects. The match was hard fought with both teams clawing and scratching for their opportunity to be champions once again. BB was about to end the match, but was stopped short with a burst of red goo spat in his face by the Rejects psychotic mascot. 666 made the pin. New UCW Tag Team Champions are crowned.
    What came next was unexpected and loathsome at the same time. JP began to berate BB for being pined. Out of nowhere JP attacked BB, leaving BB lying on the mat with his sister Shareena attempting to stop the assault. One question needs to be answered, who will now be considered a true SOS?

    The US Title, Mexican Title and careers were on the line. Houston and Kyatia have been battling back and forth over the recent weeks and tonight one was not going to be in UCW anymore. The two battled in and out of the ring with no clear winner. Kyatia, who was accompanied by Taco Time, tried everything he could to end Houston. Kyatia did just that with Taco Time's help. Taco Time blasted Houston with a guitar, knocking him cold. May 9th 2015 will go down as Houston's last match in UCW. The New US and Mexican Champion, Kyatia.

    The fight to end all fights. NRG and Jay Moore declared war on UCW and Sexy Sarge and Sabu were the roadblock from total invasion. There was nothing scientific ...about this match as it was ECW Rules. If you do not know what those rules are, I will explain. There are none. Everything was legal, chairs, tables, thumb tacks, barbwire bats. Sabu is a master with each implement and used them gleefully through out the match. Sarge was a victim of the thumb tacks when he was put through a table. Anton and Ricky were victims of chairs and barbwire. when the dust cleared Sabu and Sarge took the win. Although Ricky and Anton were not done. The Biros came to the ring to care for the fallen Sarge, Ricky and Anton were about to bash the Biros, but were saved by Weezy and Biscuit. The four then became involved in a melee throughout the Battle Zone.

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