Monday, April 27, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results April 25th 2015

    TJ O'Riley has been trying to embarrass Joseph Bourne the past few weeks. Unfortunately it has been TJ who has been getting embarrassed by defeats twice in a row now. Tonight Joseph defeated TJ by getting back in the ring quicker than TJ beating the 10 count.

    Jay Moore appeared ready for battle, wearing combat gear and carrying a bat. He demanded time to spread his NRG propaganda. Even making Referee Charlie Brown stan...d at attention wearing an NRG shirt. Mr. Biro allowed him to speak, but quickly cut him off having security remove him from the building.

    Diamond Doll faced a new challenge tonight in the form of Marie Storm. Marie is full of self confidence and has her eyes set on the MWA Women's title. Diamond Doll had things going in her favor until Marie escaped a sunset flip getting the leverage to pin Diamond Doll. The advantage Marie had was the use of the ropes to hold down Diamond Doll.

    Sarge was set to face Brimstone, but Brimstone failed to show. Biscuit took this time to challenge Sarge for The UCW Title. Biscuit held his own and poured in t...o Sarge with all he had. Sarge however used his "veteran abilities" and took Biscuit to the mat for a pin. The pin was interrupted by Gaylon Ray, costing Biscuit the match by DQ.

    Officer Rage, along with Devon Jacobs had made some disparaging remarks about Big Red earlier in the evening. Chris Rocker took exception to these comments and ...challenged Rage and Jacobs to a match. The match ended quickly as Rocker threatened Jacobs with a chair. This caused Jacobs to render his bladder empty in the ring. Embarrassed Jacobs and Rage left the arena. The referee counted them out and awarded the match to Rocker.

    Set to be a grudge match, J Weezy faced Gaylon Ray in their continuing feud. The two battled fiercely until Gaylon Ray picked up a chair and buried it into Weezy...'s gut. This cost Gaylon the match. Gaylon was not through and went to beat on Weezy continually with the chair. Out of no where, Biscuit came to the ring and to much amazement, stopped Gaylon from hitting Weezy further. Infuriated, Gaylon Power Bombed Biscuit. He then turned all of his anger towards Biscuit and with two vicious chair shots, Gaylon laid out Biscuit bloodied and battered. If it was not for Dangerous Dylan coming in for the save, the violence would have continued unchecked.

    Led to the ring by Taco Time, Kyatia and Hysteria infuriated the crowd with their disrespect for all cultures. Houston and Oshawn came to the ring ready for a fight and that is exactly what happened. It was Kyatia and Hysteria that took advantage of the rules and the inexperience of Oshawn to gain control of the match. It was not until Houston was tagged in that the tides turned in their favor. Houston went for a big pump kick, which was ducked by Kyatia, but Oshawn who was waiting on the top turnbuckle, hit a perfectly executed high cross body for the win.

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