Sunday, April 12, 2015

UCW Union City, TN April 11, The Ultimate Betrayal

    Mr. Biro called NRG to the ring due to UCW policy decision. NRG are the current UCW Tag Champions, but have not defended the UCW Titles in over 30 days. UCW mandates that the titles be defended against the current #1 contenders during every 30 day period.
    NRG has been travelling extensively over the last 32 days, but have only defended two other Tag Titles they accumulated while being the UCW Champions.
    Tonight Mr. Biro had to strip the UCW Titles from NRG. This is when the NRG vented their built up tension about the decision. Anton and Ricky surrounded Mr. Biro. Anton grabbed Mr Biro and began making threats. Sarge had been listening, and due to being a long time NRG confidante, came to the ring to try and help ease the tensions.
    Anton and Ricky would have no part of Sarge was saying. The betrayal is what came next. Anton hit Sarge with an RKO followed up with Ricky bashing Sarge in the face with the Tag Title. Anton then added insult to injury with another Tag Title to the head. Sarge was left laying in the ring bloodied

    Joseph Bourne returned to action last week in UCW. Tonight he faced TJ O'Riley. The two are not strangers to each other and engaged in a back and forth fight. TJ took the advantage of pulling Joseph's trunks to gain the win.

    Ms. Jessica has been gone from UCW with NRG for some time now. This would be her first match back and she faced the Diamond Doll. Doll has been on a roll and took Jessica to the limit. Jessica was about to tap out, when Ricky and Anton came to the ring and took Doll out. The referee called for the DQ on Ms. Jessica.

    Gaylon Ray was escorted to the ring by fellow "Party Boy" Biscuit. Biscuit who is currently injured, said he was there only for moral support. J Weezy was ready... to do battle once again with the duo in their on-going feud. The Party Boy duo was to much for Weezy to over come tonight as they used their advantage to hold Weezy down for the Win.

    Due to their earlier actions of taking down Diamond Doll and Sarge, Mr. Biro made a match for NRG to face Big Red and JP Fantastic. The anger of both teams spilled out and they did battle all over the Battle Zone. Anton handcuffed Big Red to the ring post and the attack was localized on JP. The relentless punishment finally came to an end when Sarge came to the ring with a steel chair. The trio battled briefly with NRG getting away.
    Sarge announced that he would have a partner that was violent enough to help him take care of NRG. "The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal" former ECW Champion Sabu. This will go down May 9th at the UCW Battle Zone.

    In a rematch for the MWA #1 contender-ship, matched Osby Tomlin with Devan Jacobs against Chris Rocker. Last weeks battle ended with a no contest and this week t...he two were back to settle the score. There were no technical holds, just a brutal fight. The match deteriorated to the point that Devan pulled the referee to the floor and struck him. Rocker had enough and took matters into his own hands, grabbing a chair and laying out both Devan and Osby. The referee called for the DQ against Osby and Jacobs. This is far from finished

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