Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thoughts On Axeman By Christy Harville ( Photographer for EPW)

Where to begin ...... For the entire time that I have been coming to EPW whether as a fan or staff member Axeman has always been "The Man Behind The Mic". Life is about changes and now we are faced with one of those as we are losing that familair voice. Axeman as you close these chapters of your life and begin to write new ones know that you can never be replaced. One cannot exemplify the amount of respect that I have for this man and to express how much he will be missed at EPW and at Wrestling News Center. There have been numerous times over the years that I have sat at that announcer's table at intermission and we have talked about so many things. Axeman always had words of encouragment for me whether about photography,writing, or even in coaching. He always told me to hang in there that I was right where I needed to be with all three. I 'll never be able to express the levels of importance that those words meant to me. I can only say thank you for everything Axeman and you will be greatly missed on Saturday nights. Enjoy your retirement and your family.... you deserve it my friend. Just remember that your wrestling family will never forget you..... Thanks for the memories .

Christy Harville


Anonymous said...

I learned more in the short amount of time I worked there about commentary than I have in all the other places I've been...ty for imparting some wisdom on me was a pleasure and I wish you all the best....Trey

Just a guy with an opinion said...

Everybody moves on at one point I suppose.