Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anarchy Wrestling results from 4-10 in Cornelia, GA

Steve Platinum & Miss Rachael brought Tag Team Champions Big F'n Deal, Young Lions Champion Trever Aeon, TV Champion Kevin Blue, Anarchy Champion Jagged Edge, Washington Bullets, Azrael & Supernatural, Lars Manderson & BJ Hancock to the ring. Platinum explained that after being denied the opportunity to buy Anarchy twice, he was there to save Anarchy and return it to its Glory Years reputation under Jerry Palmer. He talked about hurting Jeff G Bailey. Platinum mentioned Fred Yehi and encouraged him to join them and their effort. Jerry Palmer came out to ringside to tell Platinum he did not like him and did not want him running Anarchy and deliberately kept him from buying it, and would fight his effort to take over Anarchy. He brought out Shadow Jackson, Stryknyn, Slim J, Yehi, Jeremy Foster, Jacob Ashworth, Bobby Moore etc. and said they will be with him.

Credit: Bill Behrens @ http://gwhnewsandnotes.blogspot.com/

You can read the rest of the excellent report by Bill Behrens HERE:

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