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RSWF Wrestling Results From March 28, 2015 in Memphis, TN

Announcers Tommy Jax and Chris F. welcomed everyone to RSWF.

Opening Tag-Team Match-Dark Angel & Nemesis vs Jeff Gant & Kazuma Miyamoto-Referee C-Lo-The diabolical duo of Dark Angel and Nemesis is a sight to behold.  Very entertaining.  Jeff Gant tried to get Dark Angel to shake his hand at the beginning, but Dark Angel slapped him instead.  Once Kazuma Miyamoto made the tag he overpowered Nemesis with a suplex and rock bottom.  Nemesis would powerbomb Gant out of the corner.  Dark Angel suplexed Jeff Gant out on the floor.  Back inside, Gant would fight back, splashing Dark Angel in the corner and executing a bulldog.  Gant would manage to make the tag to Miyamoto after a spinning ddt out of the corner.  The finish of the match saw Dark Angel and Jeff Gant battling it out on the top-rope while Nemesis and Miyamoto brawled outside the ring.  Jeff Gant was able to push Dark Angel off and connect with a frog splash to get the three count.  Your winners, Jeff Gant & Kazuma Miyamoto!!!

DJ Brown made his way to the ring and said that he had some unfinished business with Charles Ray.  DJ Brown said he's been in the ring with Charles Ray for three weeks and knows that he can defeat him.  DJ Brown was so confident that he challenged Charles Ray to another match with the special stipulation that if DJ Brown lost he would leave RSWF for good.  Charles Ray accepted.

2nd Match-DJ Brown vs Charles Ray with Special Stipulation-If DJ Brown loses he leaves RSWF-Referee Lenso-The gutsy DJ took it to Charles Ray in the early moments landing a missile dropkick, but once the big, powerhouse Charles Ray caught him he began his attack with a series of powerslams and belly to belly suplexes both inside and outside the ring.  Charles Ray planted DJ Brown with a thunderous spine buster, but DJ Brown kicked out.  DJ would fight back with a jawbreaker and flew from the top-rope, but Charles Ray caught him and looked to deliver a vicious powerbomb.  Suddenly, DJ Brown pinned Charles Ray with a hurricanrana for the upset victory.  Your winner, and still part of RSWF, DJ Brown!!!  After the bell, a flustered Charles Ray questioned Referee Lenso and pushed a member of security off the apron.

I was extremely honored to make the trip to RSWF last Saturday to present it's owner, SoulTaker with the 2014 Wrestling News Center Award for Promotion of the Year.  SoulTaker asked his wife, Denise to join him in the ring and also called every wrestler from the locker room to share in this special moment. 

SoulTaker would also make a very special presentation as well as he presented Mr. Kevin Conlee with an award for being Memphis Most Loyal Wrestling Fan. Mr. Kevin has been a wrestling fan for 50 years and always shows his support and love for local independent wrestling each and every week.  I always enjoy talking to Mr. Kevin at the shows and I'm so glad I got to witness this magical celebration in person because I know it meant the world to him.  Congratulations, Mr. Kevin!  Very well deserved, my friend.  Good Call!

During intermission, the kids had a blast dancing with "The Most Entertaining Referee" C-Lo!

3rd Match-Curt Stallion vs Mike Outlaw-Referee C-Lo-Mike Outlaw jumped Curt Stallion from behind as he made his entrance.  Outlaw sent Stallion crashing to the mat with a sick, innovative back breaker.  Curt Stallion retaliated with some knees to Mike Outlaw's spine.  Curt leaped from the top-rope with a springboard hurricanrana following with a hesitation dropkick in the corner.  Reeling, Mike Outlaw used Referee C-Lo as a shield and while Curt Stallion was distracted he kicked him down low and nailed him with a ddt.  Mike Outlaw would get the win after a flying elbow drop from the top-rope.  Your winner, Mike Outlaw!!!

4th Match-NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Championship-Bolt Brady vs NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight & NWA Heavyweight TV Champion "The Real Life Human Action Figure" Ali Shabazz-Referee Lenso-At the beginning of the match, these two tied up in a test of strength that saw both participants leave the ring, make a circle around the ring and end up back inside all while staying locked up, going back and forth trying to gain the advantage.  The hold would be broken as both men tried for a quick pin fall.  Bolt Brady would electrify the audience with a nice series consisting of a leapfrog, then backflip and catching Ali with a dropkick.  Ali would fire back with a rolling splash in the corner following with a big roundhouse kick.  During this match, Ali Shabazz kept taking it to Bolt Brady with some lethal kicks to the chest.  Ali Shabazz retained his title after locking in the crossface.  Your winner and still NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Champion, Ali Shabazz!!!

"Iceman" Chris Austin and SoulTaker announced they had a special guest and introduced "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock.  "Hollywood" Jimmy congratulated RSWF on winning Promotion of the Year and said they were starting to create a special doll based on one of the ladies in the crowd.  They asked one of the ladies to come to ringside and "Hollywood" Jimmy gave her a little pig stuffed animal.  "Hollywood" Jimmy continued to lash out at the fans stating, "If I was a dog, I would raise my leg and piss on all of you!"  Then, "Hollywood" Jimmy started in on what they referred to as The Hollywood Clique's thorn in their side, Bone Crusher and his son, Kidd Nova.  "Hollywood" Jimmy really crossed the line with his barrage of insults directed at Bone Crusher's family including his wife, Michele.  For example, "Hollywood" said she was the queen of Lamar Avenue and has been touched more times than a Denny's door knob.  A furious Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova rushed the ring and had to be separated by security.  Bone Crusher called "Hollywood" a fat piece of s#%@!  And said he was going to kill him.  "Hollywood" Jimmy brought up the fact that Bone Crusher had been hospitalized a couple weeks ago and said he's not cleared to wrestle, making Kidd Nova's match a handicap one against Chris Austin and SoulTaker.  "Hollywood" Jimmy rocked Kidd with a shot to the head that broke Jimmy's cane and busted Kidd Nova open. 

5th Match-The Hollywood Clique SoulTaker and "Iceman" Chris Austin managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock took it to Kidd Nova in what appeared to be a 2 on 1 handicap match-SoulTaker blasted Kidd with a severe chair shot to the head.  Justin D'Air came out from the back to join Kidd as his partner.  Kidd Nova was able to get one sweet superkick in on SoulTaker that echoed throughout the RSWF Arena.  Justin D'Air made the tag entering the ring on fire.  SoulTaker would later use a crutch on Kidd.  Justin D'Air was sent head first into a chair in the corner by Chris Austin.  Austin would then hit D'Air with the stunner to get the pin fall.  Your winners, The Hollywood Clique, Chris Austin & SoulTaker!!!

After the match, while SoulTaker and Chris Austin scolded Bone Crusher's wife, Michele, outside the ring near the merchandise table Bone Crusher sneaked in the ring behind "Hollywood" and choked him out.  Bone Crusher told SoulTaker to shake his fat ass up and get him out of here because nobody talks about my family, especially my wife.  SoulTaker warned Bone Crusher that he's done went too far.  "Hollywood" Jimmy had to be carried to the back on a makeshift gurney.

Chris Austin and SoulTaker would storm back out to ringside minutes later in search for Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova who were outside the building.  This was pandemonium at it's finest as the RSWF crowd were on their feet in anticipation of what was going to transpire next.

Main Event-Tag Team Grudge Match-V-Man & Bishop vs Full Deck (Ace & Joker)-Referee Lenso-Great teamwork used as Bishop threw V-Man off the top rope to clothesline Ace across the ring.  Ace hit V-Man and Bishop with a double clothesline.  Bishop missed the spear and Ace hit him with the scissor kick.  Bishop caught Joker with a T-bone suplex and attempted his signature Hellevator finisher, but Joker reversed it into a swinging neckbreaker.  V-Man broke the pin by smashing Joker with a chain resulting in a disqualification.  Your winners by disqualification, Ace & Joker, Full Deck!!!  After the bell, these two teams kept brawling it out with V-Man misconnecting and hitting Bishop with the chain.  Ace would then use the chain on V-Man and handcuff him.  Full Deck brought in a steel chair and Ace delivered a brainbuster to Bishop on it to really send a message in the ongoing war between these two sides. 

On this historic night, I thought the 2014 Wrestling News Center Promotion of the Year RSWF served up the most entertaining show from beginning to end that I've seen in a long time.  Many of the moments were cutting edge and really pushed the envelope to send the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  That's always a good thing and much better than what I've watched lately on television.  Not only that, but I thought RSWF has a nice blend of talent on their roster from your local favorites to many fresh new stars that really have a bright future ahead of them. 

Be sure and join RSWF this Saturday night in Memphis as the Easter Bunny will be there giving away Easter Candy to all of the kids that attend.  Also, coming up on April 11th, RSWF will feature a Huge Double Ring Battle Royal to crown the RSWF World Champion.

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