Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ROADHOUSE REVIVAL Efforts to keep the Mid-South Coliseum from being torn down..BE SURE TO DONATE!!

Most of you know I am part of the effort to keep the Mid-South Coliseum from being torn down. Our goal is to re-purpose the building. Our Roundhouse Revival is planned for Sat, May 23rd from10am till 6pm. In addition to a wrestling match featuring Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee, there will be live music all day long, food trucks, basketball goals for kids and many more things. The best part is the event is free to the public. With it being a free public event, we are doing an online fundraiser to help offset the cost involved. The city is charging us a premium to use the MSC and the area around it. I hope you will consider helping us save the Coliseum by financially supporting the Roundhouse Revival. Your donations will directly fund that effort. Also ioby is matching donated funds. So if you donate $20 to us, then we will actually get a total of $40 with their matching donation.
                                                                                           MARK JAMES

You can make a donation here

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