Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Randy Boyd (Axeman) Retiring and Moving Away!!

I have some sad news for the wrestling fans around the Mid-South area... my good friend Randy Boyd  known as Axeman is retiring from his job and moving to St. Louis , Mo. Axeman has been a big part of the wrestling scene in the Mid-South area. He's been a writer for from day one and a wrestling announcer for many of the wrestling promotions in the area.   I consider Axeman a good friend and I'm going to miss seeing him around at the Wrestling events and I'm sure all the wrestling fans will miss him to. Thanks to Randy for all that he's done for WNC and I wish him the best of luck when he moves to St. Louis Missouri.                                                                       
                                                                                                             Jimmy Blaylock

Axeman is one of the originals of WNC! He has been with us since day one. I have known Axeman a long time and is grateful for his friendship. His words of wisdom will always be remembered.  I won't forget the memories especially the cat fight over the front seat. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will always be remembered.  We wish you the best on your new journey! Thank you Axeman for all you have done.    
                                                                                       Tia Blaylock


I remember I first met Axeman at the old M.U.W.A. show outside of Tupelo many years ago, I honestly I don't remember what the exact year was. It was odd because I knew the background of most folks involved on the local wrestling scene but Axeman just kinda came out of nowhere and went from sending in reports from the crowd to being part of the show as an announcer and what not to becoming a staple of North Mississippi wrestling over the years. Now, it's been a much debated topic over those years just what exactly Axeman's background in the wrestling business is. He says he's a former wrestler that competed for Fritz Von Erich's World Class Wrestling promotion back in the day.......I've never seen a shred of proof to verify that is true....but I've also never seen or heard any proof that he wasn't either so I guess that will always remain a mystery. My relationship with Axeman has been interesting over the years.....back during the "website wars" time period where Wrestling News Center and Brian Tramel's Rasslin' Riot Online websites were seemingly competing for readers as if people didn't just read both sites...Axeman and I had some very heated exchanges both in public and via email. However, despite all that whenever we did shows and worked together on commentary it was always a lot of fun and we worked very well together. Axeman knows his role on the show and has good timing on when and what to say. Whatever doubts I had about his background ceased to matter as he earned my respect when I got the chance to work with him. I enjoyed his 'Axeman Speaks' column back when they were a regular occurance here, and whether I agreed with his views or not, he always provided an interesting viewpoint for the readers of Wrestling News Center. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Axeman has become a fixture of the pro wrestling scene in North Mississippi, and has provided the fans a voice against dreaded heels like "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and countless others. In my opinion unlike many other announcers Axeman has done well at knowing when to speak up and when to back down and not make the show about him. I'm not sure whether Axeman will still post on the website here after his move to St. Louis, I would assume he will still post stories and perhaps a column now and then but I know his presence will be missed at shows across the Southeast by fans and wrestlers alike. Axeman has been a huge (that's not a fat joke, part of Wrestling News Center throughout the years and I don't know that it would be what it is today without the contributions he's made to the site. I hope Axeman enjoys his "real life" retirement and I know everyone here at WNC especially myself "wishes him the best in his future endeavors."
                                                                                                             Gene Jackson

 Long before the Wrestling News Center, I would frequently visit Hollywood Jimmy's Message Board daily.  I was an avid reader of The Axeman Speaks column and could not wait to see all his information about the latest happenings from around the local shows as well as read his thoughts on the current televised products.

Years later, I was extremely honored to join the team here at Wrestling News Center working alongside Axeman.  I would personally like to thank Axeman for all of his hard work in making this website the success that it is today.  I always enjoy your company and hanging out with you at the matches, on road trips and celebrating our annual WNC Christmas Party.

I would like to wish you a very happy retirement as you begin this new chapter by moving to be with your wonderful family.  I know you will love every minute of it.  The local wrestling scene around here will not be the same without you, but I'm sure we have not seen or heard the last of you.  Until next time...Good Call, Axeman!  Chop!  Chop!


I have had the privilege of meeting Axeman on several occasions, during Wrestling News Center meetings and events. I have gotten to read his work on Wrestling News Center, and have learned from his style. In those meetings I was impressed by his courtesy and desire to produce quality information regarding the sport of Wrestling. He has been a constant fixture with The Wrestling News Center for many years. In that time he has promoted events, given his knowledgeable opinions, and made the Wrestling business better for it. 

I would like to extend my wishes for a wonderful retirement and many years of comfortable living to Axeman in his upcoming retirement and life after Wrestling News Center.

                                                                      Derrick O'Dell


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