Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Outlaw Wrestling is an Independent Wrestling Company geared towards community entertainment. Providing a more strong style, smash mouth wrestling. The first groundbreaking show from Outlaw Wrestling will take place on June 7th. More details about the show coming soon. They already have a stacked roster, and are bringing the best talent from all around the independent circuit.  A few names include former JCW Tag-Team Champions Devin and Mason Cutter "The Hooligans", "The Viking War Party" Jake Parnell, Alex Rudolph, and Frank Wyatt,  
Deadly Dale, Diamond State Champion IdolBane, Slade Reithemeyer, POTDM 2015  Mikey McFinnigan, and the big man Bull Bronson. With talent like that they are sure to make an impact and shake things up. For more information CLICK HERE

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