Friday, April 24, 2015

Not Goodbye, But See You Later! (Farewell to Axeman)

This announcement of Axeman retiring and leaving wrestling did not catch me by surprise. Axeman had told a few of us in advance that he would be turning off the microphone and leaving the chair for good. I have only had the opportunity to work with Axeman on one occasion, and it was an occasion that I will remember him for, always. Axeman's opinions on his blog and articles, has sometimes been met with criticism and scorn. However, there have been moments that he was the only one to report on a story or comment on an issue. No matter who was on the 'chopping block', Axeman spoke. 

Having spoke with him on numerous occasions and represented WNC with him at a few events, I always felt the love he has for professional wrestling. Whether it was 'old school' or 'new school', Axeman loves it all. His humbleness, love of wrestling, and family, will leave a lasting impression on me. While our respective styles of announcing may be different, I would like to think that we are not so different. We both enjoy this art form. We both enjoy contributing to the excitement. We both respect those who have come before us.

No matter what may lay before you Axeman, I wish you the best. Its my fervent prayer that God will continue to bless you in what ever lies ahead. Thank you for being a part of the wrestling community and a friend.


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Tommyintupelo said...

you better leave town I put a can of whoop ass on you because you already lost a match against me loser leaves town don't mess with TomTom