Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MACW Results 4/11/15

Cuz's Corner  - Your host Doug Cousins brings out Diamond State Champion, Idolbane.  Idol speaks on how being the title having a legitimate lineage back to the Early 70s.  How even though he is proud to carry on that legacy, that carrying this title only makes him the 2nd Best wrestler in the company.  Comments that he has been unbeatable in since debuting with MACW.  Lee Michaels interrupts Idol, saying that there is no way that Idol is unbeatable since he had pinned Idol 2 weeks ago at the last show in a tag team match  Impromptu match set up right then and there

1st match Idolbane vs Lee Michaels
Idol throws the much smaller Lee around for a few minutes.  Tells him that if he was smart he would leave the ring and go to the back.  Lee thinks about it nods and leaves the ring.  Idol thinking he is going to get the count out victory turns to berate the crowd and is surprised when Lee rolls him up for the quick 1..2...3!  
Winner: Lee Michaels

2nd Match Bearcat Brown vs Cataclysm 
Bearcat was to much for the masked New comer in this match
Winner: Bearcat Brown

Team Kid/Cross(Kid Krazzy & Josh Cross) come out and talk about how took out half of Full Throttle at the last event and how Shane Draven will be out for the next couple of months.  This brings out Diablo who says he could have beat both of them himself or anyone in the Locker room for that matter with out any help.  The MACW Champion Deadly Dale doesn't like what Diablo is saying and makes his way to the ring.  Deadly says that if Diablo is so confident that why doesn't he fight himself, Kid Krazzy, and Josh Cross in a 3 on 1 handicap match???  Diablo doesn't like those odds and vows to find some partners

3rd Match Insane Andrew vs Zach Knight
Zach looked rough as if he had spent a night in jail or something.  Andrew made short work of Zach and grabbed a microphone to let the MACW fans know that he is 100% and is after Mike Anthony for the vile attack with a chair from nearly 2 months ago

4th Match 6man Tag
Team Kid/Cross and Deadly Dale vs Diablo and his partners for the night
Diablo has picked his partners for the evening...Mike Anthony and the masked newcomer Cataclysm...who was forced to be in this spot.  Hard fought back and forth match,  breaks down when Diablo slaps Deadly in the face and Deadly snaps and goes absolutely ballistic on him, chasing him from the ringside area.  Seeing this Mike Anthony grabs his best friend, S. F. Chair to administer punishment.  Right as he was about to swing out comes Insane Andrew who has been hunting Mike for over a month.  With both of his partners gone, Cataclysm turned around to a 2 on 1 assault from Team Kid/Cross who finished off the poor newcomer.
Winner:  Team Kid/Cross & Deadly Dale

5th Match Boss vs Brody Jay
Boss beat on Brody, until Brody decided he had enough and left the ring with a tear in his eye.
Winner: Boss by count out 

Main Event  Finals for the 1st Ever MACW Tag Teams Titles
Lethal Injection vs Miracle Violence Corporation(Vic Vicious and Ray Ray)
Two of the best tag teams in the area went tooth and nail.  The MVC pulled out the victory with questionable tactics to become the 1st MACW Tag Champions
Winner & New MACW Tag Champs: MVC 

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