Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let the "Heat" begin... I have gotten used to it.

First off let me say, this is my personal view and is not the view of the Wrestling News Center.

Let's just jump right in with something that truly got under my skin after reading it yesterday. It was a jab at the Wrestling News Center by two Independent Wrestlers that I have covered for this site. What really bothers me about this, is that one said the site has "little to no credibility" and the other said we aren't the same because we " don't cover all the shows".

I have some things to say about these comments and I am going to follow "Rule #2 of Lessons Learned in Wrestling" posted by one of the above commenters on his Facebook page. " If you're too much of a "Nice Guy" guys and promoters will run all over you". This is how I am feeling now, Run Over. I have been a "nice Guy" while writing for the Wrestling News Center. I have posted several, what some may consider, controversial blogs about events, "big" stars, and happenings in this sport, but I have also written many more blogs praising the sport. I have been a "Nice Guy" and let a lot of things said about me and the Wrestling News Center site pass with no comment. Today I draw the line and say, I am not happy when I see guys trash talk Wrestling News Center. Wrestling News Center has given coverage to every event we are notified about and even others that we have never been contacted about. I have personally sent requests to numerous organizations to have them send in results, cards and pictures so that I can post them to the News board. I have always said I would credit the writer of the results as well as the photographer. I have had several take me up on the offer and I have thanked them for their participation. We are her to promote all Wrestling, but we focus on the Independent scene as it is the life blood of the sport and does not get recognized like it should. We are here to give the spot light to the athletes that give their all for the fans for little compensation. I have never used this site for personal gain. I and others publish what we do, to make you, the Wrestler, look as good as possible and have great hopes that you will get recognized for your efforts and advance in your bookings and career. So where is our credibility you ask? We have had millions of hits in just the last year. We give the Wrestling news in a fair and impartial manner, and we promote Wrestling. For us to take our time, our effort, and our pocket book to do these things, and then to be disrespected by those that we have covered and respected, is a kick in the gut. So I am going to use Rule # 2 and I am not going to be a "Nice Guy". I am in fact going to address the two Wrestlers that posted the above comments. So let the "non-Nice Guy" begin.

The Wrestler that commented on the site having "little to no credibility" is named DJ "Moe" Stegall. I remember covering "Moe" many times over a year ago, and he was grateful for the coverage and even asked if, I could do special write ups about his matches and stories surrounding his matches. He was very happy when I even conducted an interview type post with him in it, on Wrestling News Center. I had and still have a lot of respect for "Moe's" talent. What I don't have is an agreement that Wrestling News Center has "no credibility". We had enough "credibility" when you were being covered and given recognition by us, so what has changed? I know, you stopped wrestling in this area and moved away. We haven't covered your career in some time, so now we are not "Credible." Is that what you are telling us?

The other Wrestler that said, we "don't cover all the shows" is named Carl Clapp. Where do I start with Mr. Clapp. Is it our personal differences that has led you to bash the site? I have only listed this most recent comment you have made about us not,covering all the shows, but you have been a detractor for some time now. We both know that you have made many other, less than flattering comments about or site and me personally. I really don't want to be a "Nice Guy", I want to vent out all the comments you have made, but that is the past, and the comment about us not covering all the shows, is what is what I am discussing here. I have already said, I have contacted many promotions about their results and how we can post them here on Wrestling News Center. Oh. I know, we are not physically at every event. Lets see, any given day there is a wrestling event somewhere, right? So. I will ask you Mr. Clapp, how many events did you cover this week? Were you booked on one show, two, seven? You still did not cover every event in the area. We here at the Wrestling News Center are doing this for our love of the Sport. We generally are not compensated, so we go to where we can still do what we love, if it is close or far away. Close is great because we all know transportations is expensive. Personally, I have invested a lot of time, money and effort to make my reports for this site, all out of pocket. I am not looking for a pat on the back or empathy, but I am saying that I do what I do, for the sport and the Wrestlers, not for my name to be recognized. I would gladly cover all the shows if it were physically and financially possible, but with family, work and life in general it is not possible.

What am I trying to say after this lengthy blog? We at Wrestling News Center are her to promote the Sport of Wrestling in all areas and give every Wrestler that we can, their time in the spot light so that they may be able to shine. So to the detractors of this site and me personally, I have four words for you that I truly mean, "Have a Nice Day"

Derrick O'Dell

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