Sunday, April 5, 2015

UCW Union City, TN. Results April 4th 2015

    Joesph Bourne made his in ring return to UCW facing Hysteria. Joseph showed the young upstart what being experienced in this sport means. Joseph took home the win.

    The SOS felt tonight would be their night to defeat The Hooligans. They had the crowd support and the spirit. Unfortunately they did not have Hoodtime. A quick blow to the back with a hubcap set the tone for the defeat of the SOS. Billy took the loss hard and decided he would be taking several weeks off to clear his head.

    J Weezy's partner was supposed to be Oshawn, but he was absent to be with his newly born child. The party Boys didn't care and wanted Weezy alone. Weezy had a different idea. He said he could take someone from the crowd and beat the Party Boys. The Party Boys found this humorous. They agreed. A young man name Dillon was picked form the crowd. Weezy dubbed him, Dangerous Dillon. To the surprise of the Party Boys, this young man was surprisingly ready to do battle. It was not until The Party Boys locked Weezy in the cage ringside, that Dillonl was beaten with the use of a Tombstone piledriver

    Devan Jacobs, the voice of MWA announced that Osby Tomlin would be facing Chris Rocker for the number one contendership for the MWA Championship. He gave Rocker... "a way out of a beating" if he just left the ring. Rocker declined and the fight was on. Size and strength were hard to overcome but with a frog splash, Rocker evened the odds. Rocker was about to get the pin, when Devan jumped in the ring hitting Rocker. This caused a disqualification. Rocker demanded a rematch next week. Osby accepted.

    The held up US Title was on the line between Houston and Kyatia. A new manager appeared with Kyatia, "Tacotime". An ill mannered older adviser, that has plans of... leading a new US Champion. Houston and Kyatia battled long and hard. Neither giving ground to the other. Tacotime felt that it was his time to strike and bring Kyatia the win. Tacotime jumped onto the ring and ground a flaming hot taco into Houston's eyes. Loosing his senses, Houston was rolled up by Kyatia, and the referee counted three. Mr. Biro, who had been watching what unfolded, came to the ring and took back the Championship from Kyatia. Mr. Biro said there would be no cheating to win the US Title. He declared next week, Tacotime would be secured in a cage to stop any interference in the upcoming Championship match.

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