Friday, April 10, 2015

CM Punk enrages Pro Wrestlers and Fans with Interview

Former WWE Superstar turned UFC Fighter CM Punk has angered many wrestlers and fans with statements made in an interview with Sports Illustrated on  It's a somewhat lengthy interview but the answer that seems to be the most controversial would be the answer to this question.

SI: What made you a good pro wrestler?

CMP: Well, that’s another thing in that phony world. What does it mean to be a good fake wrestler? That’s an identity crisis that I think I struggled with. It doesn't matter if you're the best; someone else picks who they want in the top spot.

I've read many angry posts on social media since this came out from wrestlers and fans alike that are insulted by Punk's statement and in my opinion, rightfully so.  Professional Wrestling....Sports Entertainment and more specifically the WWE gave CM Punk the opportunity to become a multi-millionaire and achieve fame that has allowed him to do the things he's been able to do in the entertainment and sports world.  In that one statement of an interview Punk has essentially dismissed his (up til now) life's work as a professional wrestler.   At one time CM Punk claimed to love the business of professional wrestling, it was his passion and he was one of the greats to step in the ring but now he's publicly diminishing NOT ONLY everything he's accomplished in pro wrestling but pretty much anything ANYONE has ever accomplished in pro wrestling including his best friend Colt Cabana and his wife AJ Lee.  So does this mean AJ Lee will have to go be an MMA fighter to be able to say she didn't waste her time pursuing a career as a professional wrestler and that her claims of being a trailblazer of women's wrestling means absolutely nothing??

CM Punk is not the first person to leave the WWE and transition into UFC as Brock Lesnar did it quite successfully a few years back.  The funny thing about that is, people claimed that Brock Lesnar never loved or respected the wrestling business or had a "passion" for it like Punk claimed to, yet never during his time in UFC did Brock ever disrespect the wrestling the industry and everyone in it the way Punk has in this interview.  In fact, Brock Lesnar brought a WWE like element to the UFC with post match promos and antics that showed that there's plenty of room for some "sports entertainment" in UFC.  In my opinion Brock was very smart in how he handled himself as he made a name for himself (and a ton of money) in MMA then was able to use that to go back to pro wrestling and get the kind of lucrative contract and limited schedule he wanted from the wrestling business to start with.  Lesnar proved to be not only an amazing athlete but a shrewd business man as well bringing along his UFC sponsors to the WWE.  In this same S.I. interview Punk claim to "love Brock Lesnar" but clearly didn't learn anything from him.

Some people say it's being "taken out of context" or that it's being "blown out of proportion" but I really don't think so.....I would have to think a guy like the Undertaker or Steve Austin or countless others who have made a great living in the wrestling business and earned the respect of their peers would have to find this statement completely insulting.  The most ironic thing to me about this entire situation and Punk's comments are the fact that the only reason CM Punk was able to stroll into through the back door of UFC at his age and it be a big deal is because of all the fame and fortune he has acquired while being a "phoney" "fake" pro wrestler.  You would think if for no other reason than that he'd show the business a bit of respect and not completely s*** on it just because he's taken on a new career path.  It's funny he seems to have all this disdain for wrestling and wrestling fans but he sure doesn't have any problem cashing checks from where thousands of PHONEY WRESTLING FANS have gone and bought his t-shirts and supported him despite the fact he walked away and seemingly doesn't care about them anymore.  Regardless of all this, the fact for Dana White and UFC is even more wrestling fans will now tune in to see CM Punk fight, whether it's to support him or hoping he gets beat to death....the money they spend to see him will still be green and as for the we've seen in the past it seems Jeff Jarrett is the only guy you'll never see there again (and even that's not set in stone), if Punk was to fall on his face in UFC and suddenly decide that being a phoney wrestler isn't so bad after all......I'm sure that Punk would be welcomed back by the WWE and the fans alike.....but his peers, well that might be a whole different story.

If you'd like to read the entire interview to help determine the "context", you can read it here!

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piyu said...

Well although he is not respecting the business which made him famous but he actually is just speaking the truth ... The phony wrestling thing is 100% real the legends and our fav. Like Steve and hbk are great entertainers , But matter of the fact is the all do storylines and they all do acting and eye pleasing movie like matches which you can't say is a real sport... cm punk , Daniel Bryan and others are actually pro wrestlers .. Outside wwe.. Because wwe ,TNA are not wrestling .. They are just entertainment..