Monday, March 9, 2015

UCW Union City, TN TLC results Mar 7th 2015

Xander Legend faced Austin Steele. Xander bashed Austin with a picture busting Austin open early on. The loss of blood into the eyes appears to have been Austin's demise as he missed a 450 splash, allowing Xander to get the pinfall.

Oz came to the ring taunting Officer Rage with coffee and donuts. Officer Rage became irate and began to beat on Oz, slamming him around the ring. A miss of a big splash led to a brief embarrassment as Oz jumped on Rage's back like he was riding a horse. No matter what Oz threw at Officer Rage, he could not overcome the big man's size. A huge F-5 later, Oz was down for the three count.

Big Red was supposed to face Stretch, but due to travel problems, Xander took his place. This was not the best idea for Xander. Big Red held nothing back and controlled the majority of the match, with Xander whining the whole time. A testicular claw, and Interference by Austin Steele led to Xander being pinned.

Sarge faced his son TJ O'riley in a Taser on a pole match. The first to get the Taser could use it legally. Sarge had the deck stacked against him, as Showtime escorted TJ to the ring. At the beginning of the match Showtime tried to conceal the Taser and had to be searched by Security to recover it. The fight that ensued had the crowd excited and cheering for Sarge. Miscommunication between TJ and Showtime led to Sarge getting the Taser away from TJ and using it to win the match.

The US Title was supposed to be defended by 666 of the Devils Rejects. Due to a shoulder injury he was unable to wrestle. The Rejects thought they could just walk out without defending the belt, but David Biro put a stop to that. Mr. Biro ordered that 911 defend for 666 against Houston, due to the amount of time the belt had not been defended.

In a hard fought no DQ match, Houston was able to overcome all odds and defeated 911, to become the new UCW US Champion.

The original plans were for The Hooligans to face SOS in a TLC Match. BB was injured the night before and was unable to compete with JP. Oshawn "The Atomic Dog" volunteered to step in and help JP. The two made a good team and fought valiantly but were unable to develop a unified plan to beat the Hooligans. The Hooligans came out on top this time.

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