Monday, March 30, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results. Flag on a pole, UCW Contract Ladder match

    Big Red faced Officer Rage in the opening match of the evening. Rage took exception tor Red mocking him and did everything he could to make Red miserable. An unexpected fan in attendance was Joseph Bourne, he confronted Rage about his tactics. Rage decided to take his anger out on Red. Rage picked his Night Stick and went to hit Red, Bourne hit the ring protecting his friend. Bourne then drove off Rage and Showtime with the same night stick.

    Sexy Sarge faced Diamond Doll in a special challenge match. Doll, who is as tough as they come gave Sarge a definite challenge. She took the battle to Sarge, and Sarge gave it right back. Doll felt it was time to end the fight with a low kick to Sarge. What she did not expect was for Sarge to not be effected by the kick. When She turned around she was taken down with the "implement" that protected Sarge from the blow. Diamond Doll was counted out as she tried to overcome the effects of having the "implement" over her face.

    The SOS and Hooligans have had their shares of battles. Tonight they faced off once again. "Hoodtime" assisted with his hubcap, but this could still not stop the SOS from gaining an impressive victory.

Flag on a pole. Houston Vs Kyatia. The fans branded it as USA Vs Mexico. The fans showed their patriotism for the Stars and Stripes waving flags and chanting USA. This aggravated Kyatia. The match quickly turned into a battle for supremacy. Houston was about to gain the win by capturing the US Flag when out of nowhere, Showtime ran to the ring and pushed down Houston from the top rope. Kyatia quickly seized the opportunity and won the match collecting the Mexican Flag. The US Title was held up by Mr. Biro, due to the interference of Showtime.

The Biros were excited to bring in a special partner for Oshawn as he faced the Party Boys, John Biscuit Roberts and Southern Perfection Gaylon Ray. Mr Biro announced that J Weezy would be Oshawn's partner. Weezy has history with both Gaylon and Biscuit, since he was once partners with Biscuit, making up the original Party Boys. The years have built frustration between the three and when they battled you could see that they knew each other well. This feud is far from over.

UCW contract on the line. The contract was suspended over the ring and both Rocker and Juduz were not ready to leave UCW. Juduz came to the ring demanding his "Sheep" to follow him. He declared that if Rocker bowed down before him, that he would let him off easy. Rocker did not bow and what came next was a fierce beating. Rocker was able to equalize the battle with a steel chair. Shot after shot he beat on Juduz. after the fourth shot Juduz was down, but not out. Juduz came back with his own chair and beat Rocker to the mat. Juduz began to ascend the ladder. Rocker picked up the same chair that knocked him to the mat and blasted Juduz on the back. Rocker then power bombed Juduz through a table, that Rocker had brought in the ring earlier. This put Juduz down for good. Rocker claimed the UCW contract sending Juduz packing back to parts unknown.

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