Sunday, March 1, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics 02/28/15

Showtimes Lawyers were at their peak and got him reinstated to UCW. What came next was a surprise to the crowd as Showtime announced to Chris Rocker that Jay Moore ordered him to be fired from Jay Moore's stable. Rocker did not take the news lying down. He knocked Showtime down a peg. As Showtime fell, Judas "The Beast" came down and confronted Rocker in a beat down of his own. Rocker was able to make a comeback and a quick superkick sent Judas back to the dressing room.

The former partners turned rivals have not faced each other in months. The rivalry showed no signs of backing down. The two put on a fast paced match with Showtime giving Xander the edge. As Austin climbed the ropes for his signature 450, Showtime hit Austin with a taser to the side. Xander capitalized and hit Austin with a variant of the Diamond cutter for the win.

These two teams have developed a true hatred for each other. What started out as a great contest between two skilled teams deteriorated into an all out fight which included chairs. The referee had no choice but to disqualify both teams.

Not much is known about Hysteria as he made his debut in UCW. Oz has been taking on all comers and did not back down from this challenge. Hysteria may be young but he showed his cunning as he attempted to further injure Oz's arm by bashing it in the cage stored next to the announce stand. He then took out his frustrations on Oz's second, Sexual Chocolate. Oz was able to overcome and defeated Hysteria.

The UCW Title was on the line as Sexy Sarge defended it against his son TJ O'Riley. TJ has felt he has sat in the shadow of Sarge for to long and was out to prove he was better than his father. The two tied up like two bulls locking horns. Neither giving ground. The gloves were off and the two did battle to see who would come out on top. It appeared that it would be TJ with the help of Showtime's taser, but with a quick duck by Sarge, Showtime hit TJ instead. Dazed TJ stumbled towards Sarge who was waiting in the corner. No one expected it, but Sarge hit TJ with a Canadian destroyer for the win.

The stake was the #1 Contender spot for the UCW Tag Team Titles held by NRG. The teams were ready for combat, but the night did not come out as planned by Houston and Oshawn. The Rejects showed why they are the most evil team in UCW as they put down Houston and OShawn down with the help of 187's shrunken head. The Rejects are now the #1 Contenders, NRG needs to watch their backs.

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