Sunday, March 22, 2015

UCW Mar 21, 2015 Results USA Vs Mexico

    Officer Rage and Diamond Doll were set to face Oz and the Divas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Oz and the Divas did not appear. Sexy Sarge came out and challenged the duo to a match,with his own "Diva". Out came Joseph Bourne. The two teams struggled back and fourth through the match, but when Sarge seemed to be in control of Officer Rage, Diamond Doll struck with a low blow, causing the DQ.

    Big Red was fired up about facing "Southern Perfection" Gaylon Ray due to Gaylon's interference last week. Red was giving Gaylon a beating, until Gaylon found Red's weak knee, and worked on it until Red could barely stand. With the use of the ropes, Gaylon pinned Red for the three count.

    John "Biscuit" Roberts challenged Oshawn last week, in order to see who the true "Rookie" sensation is? Biscuit may not be the size of a mighty oak, but he has ...a mean streak and mindset that makes him dangerous. Oshawn gave Biscuit a hard fought match, and was able to overcome the odds and took home the win with a high cross body from the top rope.

    Kyatia came to the ring waving the Mexican flag much to the crowds dismay. Houston, however came to the ring wearing the red white and blue. When he hit the ring, the fight was on. Neither giving any ground. The two battled fiercely until Kyatia let his guard down briefly and Houston was able to roll Kyatia up for the 1. 2.. 3... Kyatia was irate and picked up the Mexican flag and buried it into Houston's gut, dropping him to the mat. As Kyatia walked from the ring, the defiant, Houston challenged Kyatia, to a Flag match next week. Kyatia is known for this match and has 20 Flag match wins to back it up. Will Houston be able to overcome Kyatia?

    The match was billed as a "Bounty Match". Juduz is here for destruction and his sights were set on Chris Rocker. Juduz quickly tore into Rocker, leaving him reeling.The veteran, Rocker was able to give as good as he got, but Juduz's "beast" nature was more than Rocker could handle tonight. The two were counted out as they battled on teh floor. Juduz made his point that he could take out Rocker at any time, and he almost did with a steel chair to Rockers back,. Juduz then threw Rocker in the ring and laid him out with a neck breaker while Rocker's neck was wrapped in a thick chain

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