Friday, March 20, 2015

UCW Mar 14th 2015 results Fans bring the weapons BONUS SIZED

The Xander Legend faced Austin Steele in a fan strap match. Xander was on the losing end with the fans and bore the welts to prove it. A shooting star press brought the win to Austin.

 Kowgirl Kissey had intentions of getting a win over Diamond Doll, due to the last meeting not working in her favor. Tonight was not her night. Diamond Doll took the win by pulling Kissey's tights.

 The Devils Rejects have had their eyes on Oshawn for several weeks. Tonight 911 faced Oshawn. When it seemed like Oshawn was about to pin 911, John "Biscuit" Ro...berts hit the ring and began to beat on Oshawn. This caused a disqualification. Biscuit then told why he had interfered. "It was done to prove, Oshawn is not the Rookie Standout he is being said to be!"

    The Hooligans have been in a heated battle with the SOS. Since BB was injured, JP asked Big Red to help out. Unfortunately Hood Time hit Red in the back with a ...hub cap, allowing Hooligan "Terry" to get the pin over Red. What came next surprised the crowd. Gaylon Ray came out and dismantled Big Red with a steel chair.

    Fans bring the weapons was the stipulation, pitting Sexy Sarge Vs TJ O'Riley. The two beat each other unmercifully. Bleeding and hurting, Sexy Sarge was able to... put TJ down for the three count with a powerbomb. This led to Sarge getting five minutes in the ring with Showtime. Showtime however had other plans and ran away as fast as he could, only to be returned to the ring by Mr. Biro and Oshawn. Showtime ran once again.

Houston faced his biggest opponent to date for the US Title, Juduz "The Beast". A "Beast" is exactly what Juduz is and he did his utmost to put Houston down. Juduz was able to pin Houston for the three count, but due to his continued attack, the referee reversed the decision, awarding Houston the win. Newcomer Callate came out and added insult to injury as he attacked Houston only after the Beast had left him lying in the ring. Houston was able to repel the attack.

Oz decided to use mind games on Officer Rage and tempted him with what he felt all Officers want, a Donut. But Oz had put it on a fishing line. When Rage saw t...he tasty treat before him he dove for the prize. He missed the object of his desire and went ballistic, attacking Oz and the Twins. What started out as fun for Oz, turned into payback for Officer Rage. Officer Rage ended Oz's night with a F-5. Officer Rage is the winner. Diamond Doll came to the ring with a desire to confront Oz. Showtime stopped any physicality, separating the two. For now.

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