Monday, March 9, 2015

Southern Premiere Wrestling sadly announces closing.

The following is a statement recently posted on the SPW Facebook account. SPW was based out of Selmer, TN and had events in Bethel Springs, TN as well. The organization was one that I had high hopes for as I saw they had a great talent base. I would like to wish the promoters of this organization well in their future endeavors.

"Southern Premier Wrestling would like to thank our fans for your support these last two years. In the that period of time, we ran 80 shows between Selmer, TN and Bethel Springs, TN. Without all of you supporting us, there would have been no SPW.
At this time, Southern Premier Wrestling is officially on hiatus. Will SPW return, only time will tell. We urge all of our fans to support independent wrestling during our leave, there are great shows and great wrestlers to be seen ...out there! Most of your favorite SPW stars will be appearing on various shows in the greater West Tennessee/Northern Mississippi area.
Check back here for updates on the possible return of Southern Premier Wrestling and news on your favorite SPW stars!

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