Friday, March 20, 2015

MACW Results from 03/14/15

  • Results courtesy of Craig Stone

  • MACW Results from Saturday 3/14/15
    Photos by Carla Duerr & Paul Beauchamp
    Match 1 was the first ever New Wave Wireless Battle Royal between 20 MACW Superstars and the winner got to choose which belt he wanted make a challenge for between the diamond state strap or The MACW Championship. In the end it was just Sext Rex and Uncle Filthy but Sexy Rex was able to out smart Filthy by making him chase Chuch (Filthy's shoe) out of the ring. After winning Rex issued a Challenge for the MACW title on the 28th.
    Match 2 Lethal Injection advances to the second round of the Tag Title tournament in exciting win over Boss and Johnny Premier.
    Match 3 was a grudge match between Brody Jay and Teco Murdoch. With the stipulations that if Brody lost he would lose his hair and if Teco lost he would lose his MACW contract. This one was a fight and both guys have it there all but in the end Brody Jay won. And Gary Diamond came out to well we thought congratulate him. But he laid Brody out.

  • Match 4 was more first round tag team tournament action. Between the team of Vic & Ray Ray Vs. The LA Hustlers this was could have been the championship match instead of the first round. Vic & Ray Ray pulled off anther win and are still undefeated in MACW Tag Team competition.
    Match 5 Diamond State Champ Idol Bane took on MACW newcomer Cataclysm. While Cataclysm had some bright spots the Champ made easy work of the newcomer.
    Match 6 saw more First round Tag Team action as Full Throttle was challenged by the team of Josh Cross & Kid Krazy. Josh & Kid started off strong and fast landing some big exciting moves but eventually the big brawlers just over powered Kid and took advantage of his injured leg. Then Diablo landed the final blow by taking out Cross with a pair of brass knuckles. After pinning Cross Full Throttle made a statement to Kid & Cross for calling them out.
    The Main Event was for the MACW Heavyweight Championship between Austin Lane, Mike Anthony and champion Deadly Dale this was back and fourth and could have been won by any of these guys but at the end of the match it looked like Mike Anthony was about to use a chair to win then all out comes Insane Andrew chasing after Anthony right into Deadly Dale who connected a finishing move and won. Deadly Dale still the MACW Champion.

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