Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Class Wrestling Reunion Mar 15th 2015

Being a part of the Wrestling News Center has given me opportunities to meet many men and women I have grown to respect. I was honored today to be a part of the First Class Wrestling 2015 reunion. First Class Wrestling was a mainstay in the Mid-South running Events mainly in the Milan, TN area. They also ran successful events in the Paris area as well. Many Titans of the sport passed through the First Class Wrestling doors. 
I was invited by the CEO of First Class Wrestling, Big Jim Business. I have known Jim for over a year now, and when he calls I know it will be something special. 

In the picture above, two members of First Class Wrestling were honored with a "Legends Award" for their contributions to the promotion. Pictured on the far left is "The Enforcer" Gene Hall. The man in the Middle is none other than Big Jim Business himself. The man of the far right is Jimmy Star "The Manager of Champions". The friendship these men have, is a true testament to the brotherhood formed in this wonderful sport.

Thank you Big Jim for the hospitality shown, and I wish you and the "Boys" nothing but the best in future endeavors.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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