Friday, March 6, 2015

Don & Ron & Maw Bass inducted into the Gulf Coast Hall Of Fame 2015

 Ron and Don Bass 

 Check out he picture that was sent to by Manager Jim Casey The picture of Don & Ron Bass who was  inducted tonight into the Gulf Coast Hall Of Fame 2015 at the Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion in Mobile, Alabama. Maw Bass was also inducted tonight. Maw Bass passed away a few years ago. 

  • 1972-73: Maw Bass (Mae Weston) managed Roy Bass (Roy Klein) & Donnie Bass in the Kentucky area for promoter Phil Golden…
  • 1973-74: Maw Bass managed Ronnie & Donnie Bass, then later it was Donnie & Bobby Bass in the Gulf Coast area for Lee Fields
  • Spring 1975: Sam Bass (Real Name: Frank Bass) managed Ron & Don Bass in the Tennessee (Gulas) and Knoxville (Fuller) areas..
  • Maw Bass & her boys were involved in a heel vs heel feud with J.C. Dykes & his Mighty Yankees (Curtis Smith & Mike McManus).
  • Maw Bass certainly didn’t mind smacking her sons Ronnie and Donnie around when things weren’t going the Bass’ way..
  • The Bass Brothers often used Maw Bass' "loaded purse" as a weapon to gain the advantage in their matches.

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