Thursday, March 12, 2015


Ring Announcer-Al Hall
Referees-Jimmy Starr and Turtle
Attendance-Around 300-350

Bonus Matches

JP Fantastic defeated Addison Caine

Johnny Morton defeated Bo Sensation with a superkick

Main Card

Mixed Tag Match-Nick Grymes & Diana Taylor defeated Chazz Stone & Bebe after Grymes hit Bebe with a cheap shot while she was tied up in the ropes.

Six-Man Tag-Bushwhacker Luke, Daniel Eads & Ronnie Brown defeated Mega Star Memphis Monroe & The Hale County Misfits, Chop & Jai Webb-During the match, as Jai was down in the corner, Bushwhacker Luke began a YES chant and then pulled his pants down to deliver the dreaded Stink Face.  Later, with the ring filled with everyone Monroe and The Misfits attempted a triple bulldog, but Bushwhacker Luke and company reversed it, sending them colliding into each other.  Bushwhacker Luke would use Ronnie Brown as a battering ram on Memphis Monroe to get the win.  Following the match, Al Hall caught up with Bushwhacker Luke to congratulate him and get his thoughts on going into this year's WWE Hall of Fame class in a few short weeks.  Bushwhacker Luke thanked all the fans for their support over the years.

Chris Rocker with Addison Caine in his corner vs Tracy Smothers-Caine distracted Referee Turtle, enabling Rocker to blast Smothers with a chain to get the three count.  After the bell, as Addison Caine and Chris Rocker celebrated the win, Caine raised Rocker's arm and the chain fell to the mat.  Busted!  Referee saw this and reversed the decision, awarding the match to "The Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers!  Tempers flared between Rocker and Caine, but they ended up hugging it out.

Nathan Aulridge vs Action Jackson-Jackson introduced himself as "Professional Wrestling's Only Stuntman."  Jackson also called Aulridge, "A black and yellow MoonPie" and got the crowd going with a, "I say Action, you say Jackson" chant.  These two had a great fast-paced match.  They were really clicking together on all cylinders.  Action Jackson would get the victory with a modified blockbuster.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out to the ring to the tune of the Cops' theme "Bad Boys."  Once in the ring, he put Ripley on notice claiming that some of the fans in the audience were hating and trying to pose as gangstas throwing up gang signs, but it is "Hollywood" that's the true THUG.  "Hollywood" Jimmy would tilt his cap to the side to prove his point during his rhetoric and announced that he was from the hood in Tupelo.  Jimmy went on to tell the fine people of Ripley that he don't speak hillbilly and call out a few individually by making fun of them as Fat Albert and Duck Dynasty wannabees.  He even went as far to poke fun at one individual's Lance Russell suit.  Once Danny Dollar made it to the ring, "Hollywood" Jimmy called him a steroid freak and introduced his legendary opponent for the night, The Barbarian.

Danny Dollar vs The Barbarian managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Danny Dollar would bash The Barbarian and "Hollywood" Jimmy's heads together outside the ring.  Then, Danny Dollar would hold The Barbarian so that Referee Turtle could chop him.  Afterwards, Dollar gave a few lucky fans around ringside the unique opportunity to chop The Barbarian as well.  Back inside the ring, "Hollywood" Jimmy would continue to make his presence felt by tossing The Barbarian his cane to use on Dollar.  "Hollywood" Jimmy's personal security had a time keeping this one elderly lady from getting to him.  She was on a mission to get a piece of The Doughboy.  In the final moments of the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy entered the ring as The Barbarian shoved down Referee Turtle.  As The Barbarian held Dollar, "Hollywood" Jimmy threw powder, but Dollar ducked out of the way so Jimmy blinded The Barbarian instead.  Danny Dollar would roll up The Barbarian with a schoolboy to get the win.  Danny Dollar would sneak away with "Hollywood" Jimmy's cane and The Barbarian's jacket, wearing it to the back.  Meanwhile, "Hollywood" Jimmy begged for forgiveness.  The Barbarian grabbed "Hollywood" by his tie and was about to punch him, but "Hollywood" in a sheer act of desperation, reached in his pocket, flashing a wad of cash in front of the big man.  This changed The Barbarian's mind as he embraced "Hollywood" announcing that he is number one.

Main Event-Special Hardcore Rules

Sabu accompanied by "The Genie" Melissa Coates & Yeself defeated Motley Cruz-This much anticipated battle featured many chair shots with the most vicious one being received by Referee Jimmy Starr.  Sabu would miss a flying leg drop with a chair earlier in the bout as he crashed through a table, but would connect later in the match to defeat Motley Cruz.  Your winner, "The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Man" Sabu!!!

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Bushwhacker Luke

Sabu & The Genie

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol

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