Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NXT star CJ Parker gone from WWE

NXT Star CJ Parker was released from his WWE NXT deal this past Saturday according to PWInsider. Parker was said to have requested his release. Parker and company parted on good terms. 

WWE allowed Parker to work the WrestleMania AXXESS over the weekend.

oWo Wrestling Featuring "Superstar" Bill Dundee this Friday in Amory, Ms.


   This Saturday night on April 4th, 2015 in Dyersburg Tennessee at the Herb Welch WrestlePlex,the 1st  NWA Mid South Ultra Brawl will be taking place with an all superstar cast with an international flavor. The NWA Mid South has the best talent in the Mid South area and is a NWA Stronghold. If you want NWA Stardom or Gold you have to come through the NWA Mid South. New Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar Takaaki Watanabe understands this and is coming from Japan to wrestle in the NWA Mid-South. "Loverboy" Matt Riviera will be putting his NWA Western States Heritage Championship on the line. This match could have international implications should Watanabe capture the NWA Western States Championship from the Loverboy.

  "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony will be defending his NWA Mid South Unified Heavyweight Championship against the number one contender 6 Ft, 8In Tall 265lbs "Maverick" Gaylon Summers. Maverick has been on a long winning streak and recently defeated "Iron Man" Rob Conway. There was some Golden Boy interference in that match which Conway and Summers didn't care for. Greg Anthony is going to have his hands full with this giant. Can "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony hold on to his title or will Maverick become the New NWA Mid South Champion?

  "Drop Dead" Dale Wylde cost Jason Peter Rose the NWA Mid South Unified Championship a few weeks ago when he interfered in a Last Man Standing Championship Match between Rose and "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. Rose has vowed to get even with Wylde for this and has been chasing "Drop Dead" all over the NWA Mid South and the two will meet this weekend at NWA Mid South Ultra Brawl to try to settle the score.
 "The Epitome of Sports Entertainment" Jeremy Moore has been trouble to everyone his has wrestled  since he came to the NWA Mid South. From the Posse to "Maverick" Gaylon Summers to now NWA Mid South Rookie Stand Out T. J. Lightning. For some reason Moore has picked out Lightning as his latest conquest. So far Jeremy has for the most part been Schooling the young Star and has been yelling at T.J.'s family in the crowd telling them how sorry and worthless Lightning was. This Saturday night they go at it one more time. Will Moore school J.T. again or will the young star come into his own a little and send "The Epitome of Sports "Entertainment" back to the dressing room with his head down?
   Other matches will be announced at ringside. Free Passes to the next NWA Mid South Event will be given away. All of this for only $5 bucks $5 buck $5 bucks $5 bucks. Kids age 5 and under get in free with paid adult. All Military past or present get in free with proper I.D.. NWA Mid South History is Here!!!    

New England Female Wrestling

Next shoot coming up on April 18th. A couple new ladies making their debuts, along with several other fan favorites making their returns, one of which hasn't been back here in almost 3 years! Make sure to get your orders in ASAP!

WWE stock crashes after Wrestlemania

Fans may have loved Wrestlemania, but stockholders apparently did not! Check out the article here:


Live in Arkansas/Mid-South and looking to become a professional wrestler? Here is your chance!

Message MACW for more information on starting the road of training to become a professional wrestler! Great opportunity and place to start your craft!


NWA Mid-South ULTRABRAWL 4/4/15

NWA Mid-South Presents "UltraBrawl 2015"

4/4/2015 Dyersberg, TN

$5 Admission, can't beat that.

Learn all about this event by clicking HERE


USA Championship wrestling presents Daniel Eads Birthday Party Bash!

(.GIF Inside) Brock Lesnar destroys everyone on raw, including cameraman. Hospitalizes Michael Cole.

On tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw,  former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar takes out multiple people including Booker T, JBL, a cameraman, and worst of all Michael Cole. Lesnar was suspended and fined by Stephanie McMahon after the incident. WWE reports Michael Cole was rushed to a near by medical facility.
More on this story HERE!

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling Announces Debut TV Tapings

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling issued the following press release March 30,2015:

Global Force Wrestling Shows to debut at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas July 24

Nashville, Tenn. – The glitz and glamour of Sin City will meet the hard-charging, high energy of professional wrestling when Global Force Wrestling brings its brand to Las Vegas for the first taping of its broadcast event shows on Friday, July 24 at the Orleans Arena.

The gaming and “Entertainment Capital of the World” has been the site for some of the biggest boxing and MMA fights in history. Now, Las Vegas has another major sporting event to add to that list.

“This time, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas,” said Jeff Jarrett, GFW founder and CEO. “Global Force Wrestling is looking forward to bringing the freshest brand of professional wrestling to fans from all over the world; and, it all starts right here in the fight capital of the world.”

GFW’s first three shows at the Orleans Arena will take place on Friday, July 24; Friday, August 21 and Friday, October 23. GFW has alliances with 13 affiliates on five continents, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Mexico’s AAA and federations in Europe, Australia and Africa.

“Las Vegas hosts some of the world’s best entertainment and sporting events – we are thrilled to be the home of the GFW brand and introduce fans to the next great wrestling franchise,” said Darren Davis, Executive Director of the Orleans Arena. “Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling promise to bring something new and exciting to the sport.”

Jarrett, a third-generation wrestling promoter, has been laying the groundwork for GFW for the past year. In addition to international partnerships, the former wrestling champion has been scouring North America for the newest and freshest talent professional wrestling has to offer.

Details about tickets, special VIP opportunities and other important information about the inaugural GFW tapings will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information, visit www.GlobalForceWrestling.com or www.OrleansArena.com. Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #GFWVegas.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Adrian Neville makes WWE Raw debut with new name. (Video and Pictures inside)

The man who gravity forgot made his WWE Raw debut tonight with a new name, "Neville". He debuted against Curtis Axel in a singles match, and came out victorious. A beginning to a bright new career, can't wait to see what this amazing talent accomplishes on the main roster.

Watch match here

The Bushwhackers receiving the 2015 Hall Of Fame Rings

Bushwhacker Luke posted this on his facebook 

 "Butch and myself getting our 2015 Hall Of Fame Rings from Vince and Triple H last nite in San Jose Convention Center before the live show began"' 

2015 Memphis Comic Expo coming back to the Agricenter!!

and Sunday, June 7th, 11:00-4:00.

at the Agricenter.


Adults: One day $15, two days $25

Ages 6-12: One day $5, two days $10

Ages 5 & under: Free

Buy tickets online now! at http://www.memphiscomicexpo.com/



 pictures from last years Memphis Comic Expo

  Dave Millican was at the Memphis Comic Expo with his awesome collection of wrestling belts.  If you need wrestling belts check out his website at http://www.davemillicanbelts.com/index2.htm

Respected wrestling author Mark James was there with his latest wrestling book Memphis Wrestling History Presents : "1977 The War For Memphis". A look back at Memphis Wrestling most important year. In 1977 Memphis wrestling promoter Nick Gulas went to war with his head booker Jerry Jarrett. The winner would have the right to run wrestling in Memphis, TN. This book covers the entire year of 1977 in Memphis. Included are nearly every weekly program as well as never before seen photos from that year. Also included are statements from many of the people who wrestled in in Memphis during 1977. Take a look back at Memphis Wrestling most pivotal year. Go to Mark's  website at memphiswrestlinghistory.com

    Jerry "The King" Lawler was there signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.

Jerry Lawler also brought his Batmobile.  Here's a picture of Jay is front of the famous Batmobile. 

Another picture of the Batmobile 

 Alvin & Jane Minnick was there with thousands of comic books for sale. Not a bad price at 15 comic books for only $10.00.

Look who I ran into at Memphis Comic Expo...Brian Tramel 

                                         Awesome Artwork at the Memphis Comic Expo
                                                             Tia Blaylock with the Joker

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO Memphis Power Wrestling this Saturday in Corinth, Ms.


WrestlingNewsCenter.com is giving away two pair of tickets to Memphis Power Wrestling this Saturday night in Corinth , Ms.  All you have to do is answer this question  "Who Wrestled Jerry "The King" Lawler at the Resorts on March 15th , 2014?   He attacked The King, using “The Heart Punch”.  Send your answer to wrestlingnewscenter@yahoo.com  for a chance to win a pair of tickets to all the action this Saturday night in Corinth, Ms.

UCW Union City, TN Results. Flag on a pole, UCW Contract Ladder match

    Big Red faced Officer Rage in the opening match of the evening. Rage took exception tor Red mocking him and did everything he could to make Red miserable. An unexpected fan in attendance was Joseph Bourne, he confronted Rage about his tactics. Rage decided to take his anger out on Red. Rage picked his Night Stick and went to hit Red, Bourne hit the ring protecting his friend. Bourne then drove off Rage and Showtime with the same night stick.

    Sexy Sarge faced Diamond Doll in a special challenge match. Doll, who is as tough as they come gave Sarge a definite challenge. She took the battle to Sarge, and Sarge gave it right back. Doll felt it was time to end the fight with a low kick to Sarge. What she did not expect was for Sarge to not be effected by the kick. When She turned around she was taken down with the "implement" that protected Sarge from the blow. Diamond Doll was counted out as she tried to overcome the effects of having the "implement" over her face.

    The SOS and Hooligans have had their shares of battles. Tonight they faced off once again. "Hoodtime" assisted with his hubcap, but this could still not stop the SOS from gaining an impressive victory.

Flag on a pole. Houston Vs Kyatia. The fans branded it as USA Vs Mexico. The fans showed their patriotism for the Stars and Stripes waving flags and chanting USA. This aggravated Kyatia. The match quickly turned into a battle for supremacy. Houston was about to gain the win by capturing the US Flag when out of nowhere, Showtime ran to the ring and pushed down Houston from the top rope. Kyatia quickly seized the opportunity and won the match collecting the Mexican Flag. The US Title was held up by Mr. Biro, due to the interference of Showtime.

The Biros were excited to bring in a special partner for Oshawn as he faced the Party Boys, John Biscuit Roberts and Southern Perfection Gaylon Ray. Mr Biro announced that J Weezy would be Oshawn's partner. Weezy has history with both Gaylon and Biscuit, since he was once partners with Biscuit, making up the original Party Boys. The years have built frustration between the three and when they battled you could see that they knew each other well. This feud is far from over.

UCW contract on the line. The contract was suspended over the ring and both Rocker and Juduz were not ready to leave UCW. Juduz came to the ring demanding his "Sheep" to follow him. He declared that if Rocker bowed down before him, that he would let him off easy. Rocker did not bow and what came next was a fierce beating. Rocker was able to equalize the battle with a steel chair. Shot after shot he beat on Juduz. after the fourth shot Juduz was down, but not out. Juduz came back with his own chair and beat Rocker to the mat. Juduz began to ascend the ladder. Rocker picked up the same chair that knocked him to the mat and blasted Juduz on the back. Rocker then power bombed Juduz through a table, that Rocker had brought in the ring earlier. This put Juduz down for good. Rocker claimed the UCW contract sending Juduz packing back to parts unknown.