Saturday, February 7, 2015

Video: Chyna Talks About Triple H’s Comments, Vince Russo Responds and Defends Chyna

Vince Russo and Chyna on Triple H’s Comments

Vince Russo spoke on his website,, that he spoke with Chyna a few nights ago about Triple H’s comments on Chyna being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

They discussed her thoughts on what Triple H said about her going into the WWE Hall of Fame during Steve Austin’s podcast and more in what Russo is describing as a shoot interview. The full interview will be released on, Russo’s website, this Monday but he wrote the following teaser:

“The conversation lasted almost 2 hours. Triple H could have prevented this. He could have taken the high road—he chose not to. Whatever follows—they have simply brought upon themselves. God said to put others before ourselves . . . .and, I truly believe that.”

Below is some of Chyna’s comments, as well as Vince Russo’s response and defense of Chyna.

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