Monday, February 9, 2015

UCW Honorary III Like you have never seen before! Wrestling results

Honorary III Feb 7th, 2015

The night started with Showtime Daniel Thomas being suspended and thrown out of the arena for refusal to wear a dress as terms of his match with Oz dictated.

The Hall of Fame inductions of Big Red and Anton Leveigh left both Stars surprised and somewhat speechless before the approving crowd.

The stipulation was "Loser Leaves Town" The SOS and The Southern Outlaws were here to settle their rivalry once and for all. The crowd was solely behind the SOS, that seemed to only infuriate the Southern Outlaws. Indian blasted JP with a Tag belt seemingly ending The SOS's chances of staying in UCW, but The Outlaw kept the referee's attention to long and BB fought away the same belt from Jay Moore and turned the tables on Indian. When the referee turned he saw JP on top of Indian. 1. 2.. 3... The SOS stays in UCW.

The two teams have no love loss between them. They have faced each other separately in the past. The surprise was was Lil Bit tagging with Oz, after all their past bad blood. The team of Oz and Lil Bit seemed to gel well at first, but things began to come apart as the match progressed. Missed tags, missed maneuvers, began to unravel the nerves of Lil bit and it showed on her face. Melanie Cruise and Xander were able to use this tension between the two and ultimately took Oz down with a hard powerbomb.

Lil Bit took this loss to heart and turned her frustrations on Oz. Lil Bit then brought out Diamond Doll to face Oz Next week.

 HoodTime led The Hooligans to the ring to face Houston and Oshawn "The Atomic Dog". The Hooligans have been away from UCW making their names known in other areas. Tonight HoodTime felt it was time to bring them back with sights on taking down Houston and Oshawn. Even after the attempts by The Hooligans to put down Houston and Oshawn, the pair fought back and hit and impressive double set of cross body blocks from the top rope, for the win over the Hooligans.

Twenty Fans were lined up around the ring. Each had a leather strap. All were waiting for the first combatant to be thrown out of the ring, so that they could take out a bit of frustration by whipping the wrestler until he climbed back into the ring. Red and Rage have been at odds since Rage used his belt to whip Red. Tonight was Red's chance for payback, and payback is what he got. Rage was thrown out to awaiting straps several times and each time brought a smile to Red's face. Rage was almost able to take the win with two hard F-5s but Red was able to over come and took the victory.

The UCW Championship Vs Sexy Sarge's career. Rocker was led to the ring by Jay Moore, however, Jay was to be placed in a cage to stop him from interfering. Jay was not happy with this and had to be forced into the cage by security. Sarge came to the ring, but skipped his normal fan interaction. He went straight for Rocker. The two battled in one of UCW's most heated fights in some time. Inside and out, chairs and chains, nothing was off limits. Rocker tried twice to take Sarge out with the assistance of Jay Moore. First it was powder, this backfired and almost coast Rocker the match. The second was fire. This also backfired and wound up causing serious burns to referee Charlie Brown. A stand by ref ran to the ring, but he was discarded by Rocker. A sudden surge of fan support swelled for Sarge. As Sarge fed off this support, rocker's blows no longer effected Sarge. In a sudden burst Sarge hit Rocker with a well placed powerbomb. David Biro ran to the ring and counted 3. When the dust settled Sexy Sarge was declared the new UCW Champion.

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