Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday. Picture art from my time in the ring.

People have been doing "Throwback Thursday's" on Facebook for some time now. So I thought why not bring it to WNC on this cold winter's day, with a bit of personal nostalgia for me.

The two pictures that follow are from my time in the ring in 1990. The venue was the Newbern, TN. National Guard Armory. The back drop picture is of Ricky Hayes and I. He is taking the back drop. Ricky was and still is a part of a Tag Team called "The Dazzlers" with Mike Dial. The battles that I had along with my Tag Team Partner "The Enforcer" with "The Dazzlers", taught me quickly Wrestling was not child's play. Ricky is now the promoter of  L.A.W. Wrestling in Newbern, TN.

The turn buckle picture is of Tim Wilson and I. Tim is in the blue tights.Tim was a big man who was very agile. Our paths crossed several other times at various events but this was our only match. Since leaving the ring, I have lost contact with Tim and unfortunately do not know his whereabouts.

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