Monday, February 2, 2015

UCW Sat Jan 31 Results and Images

The night kicked off with Big Red facing Officer Rage. The two have grown to despise each other. Tonight Rage took the punishment to the next level when he pulled off his thick leather belt and began to beat on Big Red causing the disqualification. Fortunately for Red the referee was able to wrestle the belt away from Rage. Big Red challenged Rage to a strap match at Honorary 3, Feb 7th. Rage accepted.

Due to Showtime losing to Oz last week when he replaced Xander, Xander was forced to wear a dress during his match with Oz tonight. The humiliated Xander tried to take immediate advantage with a hard kick to Oz's stomach, but a quick recovery by Oz led to more embarrassment by Xander, who had his dress pulled up over his head by Oz's assistants leading to a quick roll up by Oz. 1. 2.. 3... Oz takes the win.

The UCW Championship was defended by Chris Rocker against Sarge O'Riley in a no DQ match. This allowed even the antics by Jay Moore to be for all purposes, legal. The two fought in and out of the ring. Sarge hit Rocker with a hard power bomb, which left Rocker writhing in pain. Rocker grabbed his left shoulder, which was taped, while the referee repeatedly asked if he could continue. Sarge went to pick up Rocker at which time Rocker cradled Sarge for a quick pin. Rocker retains the UCW Championship.

The Southern Outlaws defended the ACW Tag Titles against the SOS. The past few weeks the Outlaws have cheated their way to victories of the SOS. The SOS were prepared this week and took the fight to the champions. However, they were stopped short when Indian used a foreign object to knock out the SOS's JP. The Southern Outlaw's retain the ACW Championships.. Beaten, but furious, The SOS challenged the Outlaws to a loser leave town match at Honorary 3 Feb 7th.

The newcomer Oshawn tagged with the veteran Ricky Andrews to face the demonic trio, The Devils Rejects. For being unfamiliar with each other, Ricky and Oshawn worked well together and appeared to have The Rejects number. Even though the Rejects scratched, clawed and beat on Oshawn and Ricky they did not give up. Instead an amazing leap from the top rope by Oshawn hitting one of The Rejects with a cross body, lead to an impressive win by Ricky and Oshawn .

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