Sunday, February 22, 2015

ROH results from 2/21 in Norcross, GA

Georgia has seen its best wrestling show for 2015...unless ROH tops it when they come back in August.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Ring of Honor live a half dozen times now. Their show last night at the North Atlanta Trade Center was easily the best of them. For athleticism,  technical skill, and balls-to-the-wall effort, I have never seen a better pro wrestling show, bar none. If you missed it, buy the DVD or VOD. You won't be sorry.

Attendance was 1000-1200, standing room only. A rabid crowd all night long. Virtually every performer, heel or face, was showered with appreciation. The question of having an audience for ROH in Atlanta was answered beyond a shadow of a doubt. I can't imagine why anyone that attended this show wouldn't be coming back for more in 6 months. My only complaint was the lack of elevated seating left much of the crowd with poor sightlines to the ring. The show was held in a different space inside the venue than the one Ron Gossett used for his ill-fated UCW television taping.
You can read the rest of Larry Goodman's report on this event here:

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