Sunday, February 1, 2015

MACW Wrestling 1/31/15 (Jonesboro, Arkansas)

                    MACW Wrestling                                                                            1/31/15
                               Jonesboro, Arkansas

Insane Andrew/Austin Lane promo. Lane announces he is in the 4 way dance for the #1 contendership for the MACW Heavyweight Championship.


Vic Vicious vs. Brad Mercury.
 With help from Ray Ray, Vicious picks up the pinfall victory.

L.A. Hustlers vs. Brody Jay & Teco Murdock.
    A high risk maneuver backfired and gave L.A. Hustlers a pinfall victory.

                                      Semi-finals for the Diamond State Championship
                                                         Ray Ray vs Briar Mercury. Mercury gets the win with a roll up for a pinfall victory.

Full Throttle vs. Zachary Knight & Uncle Filthy 
Full Throttle wins with a powerbomb, for a pinfall victory over Knight.

Mike Anthony comes out to tell Deadly Dale that he is going to be heading home with Dale's MACW Championship.

                                        Semi-Finals for the Diamond State Championship
Johnny Premiere vs. Idol Bane
Idol Bane wins by submission with the Sinister South Claw.

#1 Contendership 4 Way Dance for the MACW Heavyweight Championship
Insane Andrew vs. Austin Lane vs. Josh Cross vs. Kid Krazy
Lane wins by pinfall after a piledriver on Kid Krazy by Cross.

MACW Heavyweight Championship 
Deadly Dale (c) vs. Mike Anthony 
Using a chain, Anthony wins, but the match continued after ref Danny Jackson saw the chain and reversed the decision. 
Dale retains the championship with a roll up for a pinfall victory.

Photos by: Elijah Dobbs
Results Courtesy of David Tyler Williams

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