Monday, February 16, 2015

MACW Valentines Massacre Results

  • Results and pictures courtesy of Craig Stone

  • Results from MACW's Valentines Massacre 2/14/15
    For the first time since the belt was retired in the mid 80's a new MACW Arkansas Wrestling Champion has been crowned. Idol Bane won the Diamond State Strap over Briar Mercury in the Main Event which was the finals of a tournament for the title.
    Match 1 Brad Mercury showed some skills in singles competition getting the win over Zachary Knight.
    Match 2 after a quick start by the team of CT Jordan and Bearcat Brown Full Throttle looked dominating picking up the win by focusing on CT Jordan and cutting off Bearcat. After the match Jordan showed some attitude toward Bearcat, and the big guy left him laying in the ring.
    Match 3 was to determine the number one contender for the MACW Championship between Austin Lane and Mike Anthony. This was a good one that was back a fourth until Ref Michael Elliott was knocked down and Ref Danny Jackson came out to assist at the time Austin had applied a submission hold on Anthony. In an attempt to Anthony rolled on top of Austin as Ref Mike Elliott came back around. As Elliott counted to 3 Ref Danny Jackson saw Anthony tap out. So in a crazy ending we now have two number 1 contenders.
    Match 4 Vic Vicious & Ray Ray with Rotten Randy worked well together to beat the team of Brody Jay and Teco Murdock.
    Match 5 in a non title match Deadly Dale took on Josh Cross. Cross put up a good fight but in the end Deadly showed why he is the MACW champion.
    Match 6 the finals of the quest for the Diamond State Strap Between Briar Mercury and Idol Bane. This one had everyone on the edge of there set. And just when it looked like Briar was going up to hit his elbow drop and get the W. Vic Vicious and Ray Ray came out distracted Briar and Idol took advantage and won the title!

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