Sunday, February 8, 2015

ASWF Results (2/7/2015)

ASWF Wrestling at the Valiant Arena In Tuckerman, Arkansas. (2/7/2015)

The ASWF Tag Team Champions Lethal Injection, Briar and Brad Mercury came out to a standing ovation for their effort and performance winning their tag titles back from full throttle. While speaking to the crowd, X-Caliber and Ray Ray come out to congratulate the team on their win and show respect. Wanting to give them good competition, X-Caliber and Ray challenge them to a match for their titles. Lethal Injection agrees to the match and with a show of respect, the four shake hands.

Vic Vicious with Rotten Randy Vs. Insane Andrew

WINNER- Insane Andrew (Via Pinfall)

Mike Anthony comes to the ring to continue his aggressive streak against the members of the ASWF Hall of Fame. Shortly after telling the crowd of how he is the better than anyone on the wall of Hall of Fame members, he challenges Johnny Harper. After not coming out for the match, Anthony demands the ref counts to 10 and then proceeds to have his hand raised in victory after almost having a fan come into the ring because of the disrespect Anthony was giving the Hall of Famer Johnny Harper. Then, the hardcore legend The Enforcer comes out to set Anthony straight and show him some respect. After giving Anthony an ear full, The Enforcer climbs into the ring to only get sucker punched with a chain 3 times. 

Lethal Injection Vs. X-Calibar & Ray Ray

WINNER- Lethal Injection (Via Pinfall)

The "Infamous" Double J comes to the ring to tell EVERYONE that his client Boss is the number one wrestler in the world today, and is unstoppable. Especially since he is taking on everyone he wrestles in a 5 count challenge. While saying no one could beat his client, one man answered, the one and only Uncle Filthy. Filthy comes out to tell Double J that he doesn't care if its a one count challenge, he wants to take on Boss. So February 21st, Uncle Filthy will meet Boss in a Big Man match. As Uncle Filthy would like to say, they're "Goin dancin!!" A must watch match.

Seth Sabor (c) Vs. Jon Allen

WINNER- Seth Sabor (Via Pinfall)

20 Man Battle Royal for a shot at the MWA (Misfit Wrestling Alliance) championship.

WINNER- Austin Lane

Results By: Elijah Dobbs

Photos By: Paul David Beauchamp

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