Monday, January 26, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results from Jan 24th part 1

Showtime and Officer Rage thought it would be funny to beat on "Big Red". They did in fact do so, but it was a pack of "Big Red" chewing gum. They thought it was hilarious until the real Big Red showed up in the ring. Big Red dished out the same beating that Officer Rage gave the gum and came out the winner in his return match.

The match was supposed to be Oz Vs Xander in a loser wears a dress. Unfortunately Xander made double booked himself in a concert. Instead of facing the music with Oz, he chose the concert. The owners of UCW, the Biro's came out and put Showtime in Xander's place. Oz and his GWO were ready for action and were all to pleased to get their hands on Showtime. Showtime hit Oz with a low blow before the match began and began to beat on Oz. Oz was able to overcome the odds due to his "merry" men's assistance. A quick code breaker later and Showtime was out. Xander will be wearing the dress next week.

The Rejects have been taking advantage of Houston with the assistance of Jay Moore for weeks. Houston brought in his friend Oshawn "The Atomic Dog" for some much needed help. Oshawn was fast and agile and gave the Rejects a run. Jay Moore was able to help guide the Rejects through the onslaught which allowed them to turn the tides on Houston. The interference of 187 was enough to beat Houston down. Out of nowhere the Rejects put Houston into a straight jacket and beat on him without mercy. The referee had no choice but to throw out the match.

The Southern Outlaws put up their ACW Tag Belts against the SOS. Last week the two teams faced each other which led to tonight. The SOS were ready to take the belts away and they pulled no punches in their attempt. The Outlaws are underhanded and were not afraid to breaks any rule they could to make sure the belts came home with them. JP hit the Southern Outlaw with a hard F-5, out of the referee's view, and made the pin. What some of the crowd did not see was The Outlaw put a chain in JP's attire before the F-5 was hit. While JP celebrated the win, the referee saw the chain hanging from JP's attire. Believing that JP had used the chain to get the win, the Referee reversed the decision. The Southern Outlaws retained their titles.

The UCW Title was on the line. Sarge was ready to take the belt away from Rocker. Sarge in a rare exhibition showed that he was agile and had the ability to fly when he wanted to. Rocker appeared off his game, maybe due to a lingering shoulder injury. Sarge had controlled the match for the majority of the match. Sarge had just hit Rocker with his patented neck breaker when Jay Moore came to the ring and distracted the referee. Rocker made his way to the Championship belt at ringside and picked it up. The crowd thought that Rocker was about to hit Sarge with the belt, but he tossed it to Sarge instead. Rocker then threw himself to the mat and the referee turned around seeing Sarge holding the belt. It looked like Sarge had used the belt to knock out Rocker. The referee disqualified Sarge. Chris Rocker retains the UCW Championship.

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